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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

The DBTK Compilation Tee started as early as the year 2015, as a quick strike release. Before, the continuity of the compilation tee was off the books, however, its fate changed when the first DBTK Compilation Tee (2015) became sold out.


The compilation tee features designs that the brand has made for the whole year. It is meant for the Kids to catch up on the individual designs that they have missed. And, it is nice to have a piece that will remind the owners and the Kids of the growth and the journey that DBTK surpassed each year.


With this, let’s have a trip down memory lane and see all the compilation tees that DBTK had over the years.

For this year's Compilation 21-22, we also released a compilation shorts, available in black and white colorways.

Watch out for the next compilation next year!!