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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Do you celebrate your small wins? Or do they tend to be neglected because of their “little gravity”?


With all honesty, there are some people who celebrate their little triumphs, while others view them as failures.


Why failure, you say? Maybe because we are accustomed to people sharing their major wins on social media. These become our basis, which leads to how our big expectations beat the importance of the small wins that we already accomplished. 


So, we should change our perspective on how we view our wins, and never compare them to the wins of others. We must learn to appreciate no matter how small our wins are. We must understand that our journey, pacing and circumstances differ from other persons. 


Once these small wins are stacked over the other, you would be surprised how far you have reached due to these little triumphs.


It is a “step by step process” in layman’s term. 



For Emil Kids, small wins are the ones we usually experience daily, like waking up early, working out, reading 10-20 pages of a book per day, or simply accomplishing your agenda for the day. 


The impact does not seem to be big (FOR NOW), but the fact that he is able to accomplish it is considered a win for him. Its impact will be felt overtime, especially when these actions become habitual. 


He considers these small wins as energy boosters because there is a feeling of accomplishment when doing his tasks for the day.  


He celebrates these small wins by looking forward to more of these “little triumphs”.



For Vince Kids, an example of a small win for him is when a design for a collaboration is approved, as a single design has to undergo lots of process before getting the go signal.


The process includes brainstorming with 1 or 2 people, combining of ideas, and executing. Seeing the final design is also considered a small win for him.


After submitting, there is hoping that the design would be accepted with little to no revisions. Of course, there is also a chance that it might not get approved. But, getting a stamp of approval is another small win for Vince Kids and to the team as well.


He celebrates these small wins by getting a cup of coffee or drinking Cobra, and taking a small break for a breather, then, he goes back to proceed to his usual grind.


As a closing remark, never belittle your “small wins” even if it may seem of no importance at first glance. Remember that these small wins push you further in achieving that big goal that you have in mind.


Share us your small wins and get a chance to be featured at @dbtkmob IG account, @dontblamethekids IG story, and DBTK official FB page!

  • Just share on Instagram a photo/s of you celebrating your small win, while wearing any DBTK clothing/accessories
  • Answer the following questions and put it as a caption on your photo/s:
    • What is the definition of a small win for you?
    • How do you celebrate your small wins?
  • Include the official hashtag #DBTKCelebratingSmallWins so that we could view your entries 


We are looking forward to your entries, and let’s celebrate our small wins together!