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by Lisa Dela Rosa |





ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage


Most of the time, the word “brave” is associated with people with predator-like characteristics, like being fearless, intimidating aura, always at the top of the food chain, and the like.


Of course, who would want an opponent or rival that possesses these predator-like characteristics, whether in business, sports, or life in general. As much as possible, you would want someone who is the same caliber as you to make it fair. But, you cannot escape facing these big guns in reality.


That is what makes them “fearsome”, they hold this power of treating you like a prey, and it would make you doubt yourself.


But let me tell you this, the people who acknowledge their fears, and work up their courage and do what they can to overcome it, is as fearsome as them.  


So, what part of it makes them fearsome, you might ask. It is their desperation not to be backed into a corner, and their will to survive despite their fears.


By doing this, it prompts them to grow, and it destroys the shackles that keep them from moving forward. You will never know what you are capable of if you do not try to take a leap.


After all, fear is both an obstacle and a tool to overcome that obstacle. If you do not let your fears consume you, it will help you motivate to flee from it.


If you watch horror/thriller movies, most of the time, the protagonist runs away from the antagonist during the first encounter, as he/she is taken aback from the imposing fear of the antagonist. This is an example of being afraid and being vulnerable, which prompts the “flight” instinct.


But as the story unfolds, the protagonist tries his/her best to overcome the obstacle, which is the fear of death in this example. This is the best portrayal of one being desperate to survive, which makes the protagonist “fight” and make actions.


We must always remember that being afraid is not a sign of weakness, and being brave is not the absence of fear. It is the courage to be vulnerable, and to persevere in spite of fear.


Indeed, the relief that comes afterward is one of the greatest feelings you could ever experience in the moment.