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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Dreaming is as easy as one-two-three. All you have to do is to think of something that you really want to do or have in life. What comes next relies on what you would do about it. Some people let their dreams stay as imaginary, while others take action. After all, it all boils down to how badly you want it to happen.


The qualities that you would be needing in achieving your dream is to have the courage to start, and have the resolve not to quit. The fear of failure will always be there, as you’ll be testing waters when you enter an uncharted territory. But once you get the ropes and familiarize yourself in the process, you’ll be one step closer in achieving your dream. 

Emil Kids and Vince Kids (Javier brothers) could be in a different profession by now, but they decided to go where their hearts are, which is creating a brand that tells a story and inspires other people. Before founding DBTK in 2012, they showed their resolve and made a pact of never quitting once they started the brand. 



Don’t expect your journey to be smooth sailing, as encountering challenges and roadblocks are part of the process. It will help you grow, and it will teach you lessons that will be useful in your journey. 

Doubts and fears may plague your mind especially when you’re starting to take a step forward, but that’s the perfect time to do it. TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH, otherwise, you’ll be in the same place as yesterday.

The Javier brothers are not exempted from facing roadblocks. They started the brand without connections, and at first, they felt like they were not welcome in the competitive setting of the clothing industry. But that did not stop them from charging forward. You could say that this was them learning from the ropes and taking a leap of faith.

Hurdles after hurdles, the brand made its breakthrough when they had the opportunity to collaborate with PONY in 2017. This was the moment when they taught that “it’s a good thing that we didn’t stop pursuing our passion”. From then on, the brand had the opportunity to work with amazing people and brands along the way. 



Emil Kids said that interacting with other people from different walks of life is an opportunity to learn new things. You get to know their perspectives, and you will get ideas on how to improve on the things that you are lacking. And this is what DBTK is all about. 

As for Vince Kids, he shared 4 learnings that he picked up from other brands and people over time. 

  • First is to always stay true to yourself and to your passion as that is what truly defines you. 
  • Second, don’t take for granted what you have, like your family and friends. Always be grateful to all the people who support you. Remember that you will not always stay on top of the mountain, as you will be experiencing rock bottom once in a while. That’s why you must appreciate every moment and stay humble.
  • Third, if you find yourself reaching rock bottom, always keep in mind that you will get through it in time. If you fall down, always come back stronger. Also, do not mind the people who criticize you. What’s more important is you know who you are, what you’re capable of, and you’re not stepping down on other people.
  • Lastly, Be thankful for everything. Be thankful to your supporters, team, partner, suppliers, sponsors, etc., because you would not be where you are now if it was not for them. Enjoy your journey, always stay humble, and aim high for the betterment of everyone.

Let us all do our best to achieve our dreams and know that our time will come very soon!


The DBTK 9th Year collection will be available on October 16, at (10am), DBTK Flagship and Satellite stores.

On October 16, only the queue number holders are eligible to purchase the 9th Year collection pieces at the DBTK stores. October 17 onwards is free for all.

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