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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

With the same vision of spreading positivity and inspiring others, this collaboration is deeply rooted in the partnership and camaraderie that has been built over the years.


Emil Kids recalled that it was around 2013 when he and Vince Kids discovered Rastaclat in a sneaker event. It caught their attention because of the variety of colors to choose and collect from, and it resembles a braided shoelace.


Then, a few months passed when Emil Kids and Vince Kids opened the Flagship store in 2014, the distributor of Rastaclat in the PH offered them to sell Rastaclat.


This opportunity led them to meeting the owner of Rastaclat, Daniel Kasidi, when he visited the DBTK store.


“Considering that Rastaclat and DBTK have a lot in common in terms of showing positivity to people, I think both parties, sooner or later, may have the chance to collaborate.” – Emil Kids



This manifestation led both brands to join forces to let their market “seek the positive” in ourselves.


Combining Rastaclat’s “Seek the Positive”, and DBTK’s “Waves Don’t Stop”, these drew a positive message to the Kids. Hence, the theme of this collection revolves around it.


“No matter the bumps along the way, you continue to push forward while having a positive attitude. We consistently need to be excited and positive on what’s to come, and that prompts us to push through like the waves.” – Emil Kids


Positive Aura Transcends the Photoshoot


The positive vibration that the collection holds, rubbed off the team’s journey to the shoot location.


To break free from the city noise, the team went to a remote and tranquil location for the shoot. They opted for a camp feel to at least transcend the vibe that this collection wants you to feel, even just by looking at the photos.


During the shoot, Vince Kids had a realization on how far the brand had become, as this would be the 2nd international streetwear accessory brand that would do a collaboration with DBTK.


“For me, it’s like a testament that if you continue to share positivity with everything you do, and if you keep doing what you’re doing, there will be people who will see your potential which leads to bigger things.” – Vince Kids


For Emil Kids and Vince Kids, what was once a dream to work with Daniel Kasidi (owner of Rastaclat), has now turn into reality.


The DBTK x Rastaclat will be available on October 02, 2021, at (10am) and DBTK Satellite store only.