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DBTK x Secret Fresh "ALL IN" 2021

by Lisa Dela Rosa |

If we take a trip down memory lane, it will show that DBTK has been given several opportunities to collaborate with Secret Fresh.



  • 2018: Triple collaboration with Lynyrd Paras
  • 2019: A contemporary art and triple collaboration with Spongebob
  • 2020: Mecha themed collaboration with Secret Fresh
  • 2021: ALL IN collection


Secret Fresh is located at Ronac Art Center, San Juan, and it is the best place to go if you’re into sneakers, toys, art, and many more. Secret Fresh, in its entirety, is what represents the interests of its owner, Bigboy Cheng.


In DBTK’s collaboration with Secret Fresh in 2020, the collection was solely based on Bigboy’s hobby of collecting mecha/robot toys in the 70s.


In this year’s 2021 collaboration, aside from showcasing different facets of both brands, DBTK created characters that resonate Bigboy Cheng’s traits, lifestyle, and relationship with friends.


Over the years, Emil Kids and Vince Kids formed a partnership, and admired his work ethics. He is meticulous when it comes to creating products/collaboration pieces, and going ALL-IN on the things he’s passionate about.


Now, we present to you the collaboration pieces that both brands came up with to share with the Kids.


Chunky Tee (850PHP)

A revamped logos of both brands inspired by chunky and balloon graffiti-like typeface. This serves as the logo tee of the collection.


Head Bust Tee (850PHP)

Introducing the head busts of the characters who will be joining us in this collection.


All In L/S Tee (950PHP)

A self-explanatory tee that encourages the Kids to go ALL-IN with everything you do.


Fiery Oversized Tee (900PHP)

There will be a time when you find yourself in a bind, but never let this situation discourage you from proceeding to your goal. Do your best to overcome it and charge to experience.


Gang Hoodie (2850PHP)

A person can only do so much, but if you’re surrounded with your constants in life, nothing will be unachievable.



Available on September 18, 2021, at (10am), DBTK Flagship and Satellite stores.