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by Lex Perry Ignacio |

by: Lex Perry Ignacio

Starting strong. That’s what the DBTK x Secret Fresh Collaboration is about. This was planned months ago, and there were adjustments made when it came to the timeframe and the date of the launch for this project – but with how things turned out, we can say that it was just right that we did the release this January.

When we put out the very first teaser, which was even less than a week before the release, we were overwhelmed by how it greatly appealed to the people, and as we continued to put out more information about the collaboration and started to reveal the designs of the collection, the buzz and excitement only grew and grew to the point that Kids are now lining up about 2 nights before the day of the release. Wow! Just WOW.

Since this is already our third collaboration with Boss Bigboy and Secret Fresh, and the previous ones did really well, we were expecting a good turn out with this one, but everything exceeded our expectations. I mean people were already physically waiting in line as early as Friday night for a launch that was bound to happen on a Sunday. The anticipation was simply on a next level, and if you think that this is not a big deal, then I don’t know what is.

We’re no strangers when it comes to waiting in line and camping out, I even personally experienced lining up for a shoe in Ronac circa 2013 so I can say that I can relate and know first hand on what and how the experience is like, and it’s not easy. Your patience would be tested, plus the hassle and feel of discomfort is there. Fortunately, Bigboy and the whole Secret Fresh team were very generous and accommodating, even if they didn’t really have to be.

Food and drinks were distributed, and they were even toured around the place, including the new museum that was being set up in The Deck. Needless to say, the people in line were in for a treat. We’re just grateful that Bigboy is the kind of person who really wants to extend his helping hand and wants the people around him to be happy. After all, none of this would be possible in the first place if not for him and his amazing team.

With everything that has happened with this collaboration launch, you can all expect that we took careful notice and assessment of every single thing and/or incident that took place. We’re now taking precautionary measures and planning how and what we will do with the next releases to make it more efficient and try our best to make it free from any unjust or unnecessary inconvenience.

Once again, thank you to every single one of you who took the time and unwavering effort to be with us in this special project. This is just the start – there are a lot more coming your way. Stay tuned!