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DBTK x Sesame Street

by DBTK Admin |

By: Lex Perry


If we are to talk about iconic figures that have helped form and shape our childhood and youth, chances are, they will vary and depend on what year you were born or what generation you are a part of – and that’s because their story and its peak or relevance tend to last only for a certain timeline or duration, then eventually, creators and story-tellers introduce new characters and make new stories which leaves the viewers with more options to choose from.


My point is, it’s not easy to maintain the identity of being ‘iconic’ because of a lot of factors, and if they’re able to do so come what may, then that’s how they become a classic, a mainstay, a timeless, and an unforgettable figure in the hearts and minds of many, if not all people. The thing is, it’s also different when you continue to stay relevant in a sense that you’re known as a nostalgic figure for kids who have grown up since, and presently be acknowledged as a breath of fresh air for the kids and the youth today.


Being old school and still a part of the new school at the same time is a very rare feat. It just does not apply to many, and if you’re to ask us to name some figures that have that certain kind of feature and trait, the first thing that pops in our minds is a multi-talented group of furry and colorful friends who like to sing, dance, groove, and do it all. They were first introduced and created by American puppeteer and cartoonist Jim Henson way back 1969 and they’re generally known as Muppets.


Well we’re pertaining to the red, friendly, and cheerful character with the highly recognizable falsetto voice, the huge 8 foot tall yellow bird, and this blue creature who absolutely loves to munch on baked goods and healthy foods, and along with them the rest of their gang. Yup, it’s Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster together with the other prominent figures from Sesame Street – and yes, you’ve guessed it correctly from that start, we were given the opportunity to work and create with them 😉


They’re simply one of those few names known all across the globe that don’t really need much introduction because they have pretty much grown and established their identity as a vital part of the culture as a whole. And as time goes by, they just continue to explore and find more ways to etch and expand their name to a bigger and wider audience. It’s no wonder why even up until now, they’ve managed to stay highly esteemed and recognized.


They’ve come up with a ton of exceptional ways to incorporate their name and their special cause with food, drinks, toys, art, movies, music, apparel, and a bunch of different kinds of merch. They have numerous and notable collaborations with other big names like Puma, New Balance, Apple, Pharell Williams, Chance the Rapper, BAPE, XLARGE, KAWS, Uniqlo, and BE@RBRICKS to mention a few. Heck, they even have their own NPR Tiny Desk Concert. They’re essentially everywhere.


See, Sesame Street has grown to be so much more than a children’s show and we continue to appreciate and adore them not only because of how fun and unique the characters look, or how colorful and interesting they are, but also because they push and fight for meaningful causes. Purposeful and humanitarian causes that not only appeal to kids and the children, but also to every living human.


Causes and projects that aim to resolve traumatic experiences, projects that helps develop health and hygiene, projects that involve refugee response, projects that push for childrens’ education, projects that support military families, and many other ventures and activities that help promote caring for oneself and for each other – especially during these difficult and trying times. In fact, here in the Philippines, Sesame Street has partnered with the MMDA for an educational campaign centered on road safety.


Now having all those things in mind is what really excited and propelled us to do a DBTK x SESAME STREET Collaboration. Being given an offer to team up with a widely renowned set of characters that go beyond story-telling made us realize that we share a lot in common because more than being an apparel and lifestyle brand, and them being more than a children’s television program, we both push for awareness and meaningful causes through what we do.


That’s basically what makes this collaboration extra special – us being huge fans of their show and their cause, them having great interest and appreciation in how we execute our products and projects, then more importantly, the remarkable connection & vision that we share together. It’s another project that allowed us to gain more experience by working with an international team. This is such a huge honor and another achievement unlocked so best believe that we’ve exerted extra effort in this project.


This has been in the works for an entire year so everyone can expect that we have massively prepared for this release and that this is without a doubt one of the best and biggest projects we’ve worked on thus far. It has always been our promise to deliver, and we are certain that we have interpreted and translated our efforts into a collection that will relate and speak to both our audience. A full line which embodies modernization without sacrificing the classic elements in which DBTK & Sesame Street is known for.


Here you will see Cookie Monster, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Count Von Count, Ernie, Bert, Big Bird and the Sesame Street gang entering the DBTK Universe through 10 intricate designs. We can’t wait to unveil the entire collection and welcome you all as we open the doors of our most awaited and brand new physical space.


This is it!! We’ll catch you Kids on the DELIVERY 1 release of DBTK x Sesame Street Collaboration on October 10, Saturday @ The DBTK Satellite Store - Underground level of Ronac Art Center - #424 Ortigas Ave, San Juan City, Metro Manila (by appointment only) and DBTK online store (


Delivery 2 release date and place: TBA




(Please observe proper behavior at all times and practice safety precautions along with social distancing.  Don’t forget your essentials and always wear your masks.)