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DBTK x Mighty Jaxx

by DBTK Admin |

By: Lex Perry


But wait…


We’re not done just yet.


Just when you thought nothing could get any bigger than DBTK x SESAME STREET, we’ve added in a couple more heavy-hitting names to the team.


See, our immense appreciation for art has always been there even at a young age; and as we move forward with our journey, that appreciation just continue to evolve and grow deeper & deeper – especially now that we are able to carry through more experience crafting and creating with more artists and personalities of different styles and mediums


AND, Especially now that we’re part of an Art Center.


Apart from Sesame Street, we were also given the opportunity to extend the project to, and combine forces with a highly-acclaimed toy maker and a renowned exhibitor/sculptor/designer in one.


It’s furthered our understanding on how and what it means to form partnerships, and this 4-way collaboration makes it clear that there’s always room for more. There’s always more ways to take it to a higher level, so we did just that. This project is nothing short of a jaw-drop for us, and it’s finally here. This is a  DBTK x JASON FREENY x MIGHTY JAXX x SESAME STREET collaboration.


Urban culture, which encompasses streetwear, designer toys, and art along with all the other similar interests that it connects with,  continues to pave the way for creators, designers, artists, and enthusiasts alike. It’s allowed us to thrive and contribute to the expansion of communities further rather than keeping it limited; it’s allowed us to build something bigger than ourselves by sharing and reaching out to a much wider audience, to bring a closer connection and keep our interests tight-knit despite having our own distinct identity.


It’s allowed us to create our very own custom collectible. A 9-inch Cookie Monster figure – DBTK EDITION. Looking at it, we can see it featuring a dissected anatomy, an exceptional design identity which artist Jason Freeny is known for. It also dons an exclusive gradient color which characterizes and takes inspiration from having grit, resiliency, and a strong mindset – valuable traits for which we Filipinos are known for. And now that you’re wondering… yes, it’s limited. It’s only 50 pcs.


This a figure that embodies what and how streetwear & lifestyle is in the Philippines is. It shows how it compliments the work of a brilliant artist and at the same time, it gives off a youthful, nostalgic feel which reminds you of one of your favorite iconic figures from your childhood. And now knowing what it represents, it instills the fact that they go beyond being a piece of art that adds color and design to your space, it brings about a special message and reminder to us, especially during these challenging times.


The Mighty Jaxx Sesame Street Cookie Monster – DBTK Edition will be released exclusively at DBTK’s online store ( on Friday, October 16. SRP is PHP 8000.00 and 1 piece per customer only.


Now since we’re here discussing about art toys and collectibles, we’re hinting that you guys are probably thinking how you could also get your hands in the other pieces that Mighty Jaxx makes. Well, look no further as we are now their official distributor. Place your next Mighty Jaxx purchase with us and let us help you get your desired toy from them. You can secure a pre-oder of their upcoming releases and spot the current available pieces by heading to (


Other big announcement is finally out. But you never know really know when more surprises are coming, right? We’ve now given you more than enough reasons to visit us on our new space, and now all that is left is to anticipate, stay safe, and come through. We’ll see you all pretty soon!


DBTK x Mighty Jaxx “Soft & Chewy” Tie Dye Tee
Available on October 16, Friday, at DBTK Satellite Store (Underground level of Ronac Art Center, San Juan) and 
SRP is PHP900 and 1 pc. per customer only (1:1)