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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

As cliche as it may sound, we all know that life on earth is an ongoing ride. There are times when you feel like you’re on top of the world. That feeling when you think that the universe aligned for you to experience success, happiness and all the positivity in the world.

But, there are also times when you feel like you’re falling at downward spiral until you reach rock bottom. Now, that is something most of us experience once in a while and it takes every strength that we can muster just to stand up and climb back up again.

How do we face and deal with this kind of situation?

I think the very first thing we need to do is acknowledge that not everyday will be a good day. Not to be pessimistic, but you are simply taking in mind that there will always be a possibility of “road blocks” or challenges that will test your limits. It could be in a form of creative block, low test scores in your quizzes, or any minor setback really.

Only one can hope that these road blocks won’t be as a grave as reaching the rock bottom. Rock bottom meaning, you are faced in a situation where you feel you’re already hopeless and nothing is going right anymore. Now, how do you pull yourself out in case you fell on the bottomless pit?

Allow yourself to feel this sense of “defeat” or the pain. As the famous saying goes, “rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountain tops never will” because it is an opportunity to grow and rebuild yourself. Use this feeling of defeat and pain to ignite your inner strength and use it as a motivation to climb back up again.

Never forget that you are not alone. Sometimes, the weight of our problems could be too much for us to carry alone. Reach out to someone who you trust fully and cares about you. Sometimes, we just need someone who will listen to ease that burden we’re carrying. Sometimes, we just need to see a different perspective and added motivation to get through the trying times.

You need to come back stronger.

It’s time to let your feet back on the ground and realize that there is still much to learn. Let your journey back to the top teach you and hone you to become the best version of yourself. Savor all the wisdom and knowledge that you are about to learn in this journey as it will be an important tool to overcome challenges whenever it occurs.

Remember that you got nothing to lose. Why? Because the good thing about being at the bottom is that the only way to go is back up! Always remember that you are capable and stronger than you think. And, you cannot change the past and you cannot stay in it. What’s more important is what you have to do in the present. So make it a good one.