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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

One thing that is definitely hard to put away in a person are the memories that are really embedded through their core, especially the happy ones. These memories could be ventured in many ways, but I’m gonna focus and talk more about toys and why adults are more inclined in buying them rather than most of the kids in today’s generation.

Toy collections of Emil Kids and Vince Kids


I will start by stating this fact that the best thing about buying or collecting toys is that you do not have to be a kid to buy one. And for sure, you’re already part of the age bracket of 3 years old and above just like what the label says in some toy packaging. Apart from this, what matters most is there will always be a part of you that is still a “kid at heart”. 

So, what are some of the driving forces that prompt adults (or should I say “kidults”) to buy and collect toys extensively? (This I can speak of based on my experience as a toy collector.)

Toy collections of Emil Kids and Vince Kids


Adults who were born in an era where toys, arcade games and the like were somewhat considered as an essential rather than as modern technology that we have now.

They were born in the rise of comic books, sci-fi movies, animes, etc. Some may be a collector since they were kids and being carried throughout in their adulthood.

You can say that they were fully immersed in this experience, but that doesn’t mean that other generations are not allowed to catch up. Besides, all of us can have the best of both worlds nowadays which are the merging of vintage and modern technology.

Toy collections of Emil Kids and Vince Kids


Before, they have to rely on their parents for the funds to buy toys or the things they want or need. Now that they are adults and earning something for themselves, they can somewhat save some moolah dedicated to buying toys that their hearts desire. 

Toy collections of Emil Kids and Vince Kids


The toy lines nowadays are more true to details especially if you’re fond of collecting action figures.

What’s also truly enticing today is that every pop-culture that you see and love will surely have some toy figures along the way. And, anything is possible nowadays, So, it makes sense that the old cartoons or comic book characters are receiving a physical medium by creating a toy line of that character which could be reminiscent for the kidults out there. 

In addition, toy figures are not only limited to comic book characters, movie characters, and the like. But, clothing lines, artists, musicians, etc. are also having a representation of themselves through toys.

There are also lots of variations of a character/pop-culture that you can pick like art toys, Be@rbricks, Cosbaby, Funko! Pops, etc. Truly an eye candy for the toy collectors out there.

All you have to do is to keep your eyes open and wait for some fresh drops. 

Toy collections of Emil Kids and Vince Kids

Once you buy one, it may be harder to stop (I’m still talking about toys)

Like I said, anything is possible today and there is a steady production of toys that represents pop-culture that you love, so once in a while, there is something that will catch your attention and lure you into buying one.

Now, some may ask as to why they’re wasting their money to buy molded plastics and resins. Well, the only answer that’s acceptable is “why not?”, right? If that makes them happy, who are we to impose and judge their hobby?

Toy collections of Emil Kids and Vince Kids

Quick drink in the fountain of youth

Being an adult is stressful and sometimes you’re having too much on your plate to deal with. You’re not living in a bubble anymore because it has been shattered by the reality that we live in.

So, this is a way of embracing the inner child that we have, especially when we want to move away from the pressure of adulting, deal with the fast-paced world, and the like. Having something to remind you of your childhood or having something that will help you step back and relax for a while and be lost in your own world is something we need once in a while.