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by: m.

Artworks by: LDR

This is the question I’d like to answer since hearing from a lot of people – mainly from people I look up to – that your failures help you become a better person, mainly because you have the option to learn from them.

In a logical perspective, that’s not only plausible, but it’s also doable. Is it hard? Sure. But what could you lose from this?

The answer is time, and that’s the argument that I hear from a lot of people whenever they would talk about failures. It’s true that ideally, people wouldn’t make mistakes because it takes away time that you could be using in developing things that would succeed.

And the crazy thing is, I agree! I agree to the point that it confuses me which advice to take.

So I sought out to find the answer to this whole ordeal the only way I knew how: by reflecting and looking back on how my life was, and how I think it’ll be.

And after sitting down and just thinking about the things I’ve went through, the failures I’ve made, what happened after those, I’ve come to a conclusion I’m happy with.

Whatever it is, it depends on where you’re coming from. The truth is, it’s your perspective that would give you the answers you’re looking for.

Do you want to succeed without experiencing setbacks? It’s very idealistic, yes, but if this is how you look at it, then failure isn’t necessary.

However, if you’re the type of person that learns from every wins and losses, then without a doubt, your idea of success will involve a lot of failures.

Meaning, this makes every failure necessary.

It takes discernment, perspective, and self-awareness in order to know what failure is to you – and what it can do for you.

While coming up with that realization, I realize that this advice may not work for you and your ideal model of life, and it’s cool! I’m glad that you went ahead and read what I had to say.

But if you think that this brings value to your life and helps you live your best life, please pick it up.

Failure or not, the best is yet to come!