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The ever evolving culture, technology, and fashion of Japan is mesmerising to the point that it becomes one of the best inspirations to look into. As for DBTK, it is the reason why they make it to a point to create a collection that could capture the essence of Japan. The sole purpose for this is to share to the kids the vision and inspiration that DBTK could absorb from every visit to Japan. The vision of what the collection will look like each year comes from the eyes of the founders. And because of the “ever evolving” Japan, expect that the collection rides with the tide of this evolution. Read through this content and maybe, just maybe, you will get a hint of what the DBTKJPN collection this year would look like.

The first ever DBTKJPN collection was introduced in the year 2015 and it seems like it was too long ago. Well, these photos might help you refresh your memories and reminisce the version 1 collection.

On the other hand, the version 2 collection of the DBTKJPN happened last year (2018) which is not so long ago. Clearly, the inspiration of the design this collection came from is the scenery and atmosphere in Japan such as Mt. Fuji, Gundam, Godzilla, arcade vibes, and the like. 

And since you got this far in this content, allow me to share some hints of what to expect  for this year’s collection. For starters, what do you kids know about Neo-Tokyo? 

Neo-Tokyo means “New Tokyo” or “Neon Tokyo” in many cases. It is the futuristic representation of Tokyo and if you come to think of it, there is not much difference between recent Tokyo and Neo-Tokyo. Point of reference? take Akira and Evangelion for example. From the series of bridges, people crossing Shibuya, blinding neon lights, and skyscrapers? The Neo-Tokyo could be happening on this very day. Anyway, apart from this inspiration, DBTK also tapped the sub-culture of Japan, anime, and graphic and typography prowess to create a portrayal of Japan. 

With every DBTKJPN collection, the bar is raised higher from its previous collection while the vision gets bigger and better. That is all for now, kids.