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Ever since we were little, we’ve already grew curious about bags since it is our trusted companion wherever we go. From the stroll bags we wheel around school carrying our big books and the lunch bags that stored our packed meals, we all knew how necessary and valuable they are. At this point, we know how even a paper bag can be handy.

Then as you grow, you start becoming more aware of the components of your bag. You now pay more attention to the details; now you consider durability, wearability, style, storage space, compartments and you check every feature there is, just like one should do so. You realize thereafter that some brands or companies that make bags have the capability to do better than the other, or you simply like their products so they’re the first thing that pops in mind when you’re looking for one.

Well just like you, we also do take note of those things, and one of the brands that we highly recommend when it comes to bags is Jansport – and just recently, we were given the privilege to collaborate and work with their team, and we were able to come up with three awesome pieces that you all can use for your daily hustle and add flavor to your look.

Presenting the DBTK x Jansport Signature Series “Right Pack”, “Waisted”, and the “Fifth Avenue”. All of which encompasses an embroidered DBTK “Elementary” design which our brand is known for ever since its introduction way back 2015. For this one, we opted for a simple yet premium feel so we can accord a timeless looking piece which you can rock whenever and wherever you go.

We’ve produced three silhouettes altered fit for your specific needs. Whether you need something that can help you carry heavy loads, something that can help you avoid having bulky pockets, or something that can help store accessories like long wallets and shades, we got you covered with bags made extra slick that embody quality you can surely trust.

Check them out and get one for yourself now by visiting the DBTK Flagship Store or going online at