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by Blog Posting |

Meme culture has spread across every social media outlets and websites that you can browse on. In case you are wondering, why is it that memes are so relatable and at the same time contagious today? 

Apparently, this meme culture exists way way way back in the 21st century. According to Richard Dawkins, the very core of human beings revolve around information, words, and instructions. This factor of curiosity and the need to know between organisms and environment leads us to evolution of ideas. These ideas that we can think of have the power to spread just like a virus since ideas cause ideas to produce new ones. 

Sometimes, we get these ideas from the things we see, hear, smell, and feel. And most of the time, we don’t realize that our ideas are replications of something. Thus, the name meme is born which also means imitation. Before, the transmission of information relies on word of mouth but, in the 21st century, we can rely on technology and its age of virality. 

In this century, with advanced technology, a smartphone is an essential thing since you can send message across easily and access almost anything especially social media outlets. In addition, it is much easier to mimic an idea because everything is readily available by just searching and no more relying on “word of mouth.” And because we live in the age where anyone or anything can go viral, there is a notion of getting attention or to just merely entertain others. Hence, the “meme culture” of the 21st century emerge (hello 9gag, the OG).   

To make a meme, you can easily get a “taken out of context” photo and add relatable caption to capture the attention of others. Or, you can just compile series of funny videos and add “Directed by Robert B Weide” to make one. 

The reason why memes are relatable is because it is about the same experiences that we have at some point in our lives which becomes entertaining and funny when you come to think of it. Sometimes memes can become a no-brainer where everyone could get it while other times, it can target a specific audience that know the reference of the photo or text. 

Warning, making or sharing memes can be addicting and contagious but we are not complaining, Meme as they say, is life.