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By now, we hope that guys already know that we are huge fans of go-getters and dreams being realized. And when it comes to pursuing what you love and what you’re really interested in, we know how challenging things can be given that there are numerous factors and things that one needs to take into consideration.

Still, it’s but refreshing and empowering to see people go after what they truly want and work towards what they want to do and become despite whatever obstacles and circumstances they are currently facing. As story tellers, we also want to shed some light on these people who has caught our attention. The world is full of many talents and passionate people who continuously hone and develop their craft and they greatly remind us why we have to keep our cause and purpose in check.

Now with that said, we’d like to share and introduce to all of you our brand new segment – Young Guns. A list of promising Kids and talents who are out to reach their goals and make their visions come into reality. A feature project that will hopefully help them get them gain more traction and a wider reach which will allow them to present their art in a bigger platform.

1. SHNTI (@a.shnti)

Let’s kick things off with a femcee (female emcee) from QC that has a really slick flow and knows her way around the mic. And no, you’d be wrong to think that Shanti Dope had to do with any of this. Instead, her real name was actually inspired from American R&B singer-songwriter Ashanti, hence the name; but even if her name is linked with other musicians, she definitely makes it known why she is distinct and unique from the rest.

Initially, she didn’t have the confidence to share her passion in music but with a little push from her friends Bueni and Rih, it wasn’t long before she started to make her own songs and then the three of them eventually formed their own collective called MSFTS MNL.

SHNTI aims to stay true and bring back old school hiphop through putting strong messages in her verses. Bold as she is, she freely voices out her thoughts and emotions with pretty catchy beats and her music continues to evolve so it wouldn’t be hard to find yourself nodding your head and soaking it all in. She has 4 tracks on SoundCloud as of today, but best believe they’ll be more coming our way. Go on, give it a listen by clicking HERE.

2. SHANE (@dj.cepeda)

Hearing the songs of Eminem at a young age was what sparked his interest in the rap game. Fast forward to high school, that’s when he widened his playlist and started spitting cyphers for fun with his friends through hand made beats randomly tapping on whatever they could get their hands on like a chair table.

Diving deeper, he started writing his own verses and made his first ever track that was a cover of “Love Yours” by J.Cole which was inspired by a past heartbreak. He was happy with the feedback he got from his first track, unfortunately, SoundCloud wouldn’t allow it posted because of copyright reasons, and that’s why he decided to put the early tracks he wrote on the side.

In his 3rd year as a college student, he met his friend Alrik who helped him further improve his musicianship. They started exploring how they can play with free beats because they know they wouldn’t have trouble with it being posted online. Currently, he is trying to learn how to make his own beats and hopes to one day create everything from scratch. Even then, he has really undeniable talent and deserves to be heard. If you want to hear something new and of great quality, then go check it by clicking HERE.

We wouldn’t have gotten him to do a feature of our products if we weren’t fans of his. We play his songs on repeat and a day wouldn’t pass by the HQ without you hearing his tracks being played.

3. AILISHA (@_ailishadelacruz_)

It all started when she was 5 years young at the house of her grandmother with a marching band performing for a special occasion and her being asked to be their majorette. That gave her parents the idea to get her into dance class, and her moves can without a doubt do all the talking. I mean, she was part of groups that hold a reputable position in the dance community like the Gforce Tweens, and now with Dgrind – well, if you still need more convincing, just go follow her on her socials and then you’ll see.

The thing is, it doesn’t end there because aside from busting a move, she also knows how to wow the crowd by being a DJ. Thanks to her dad who introduced her to his DJ friends, she’s learned yet another music arsenal. What started with basic scratching and mixing has now allowed her to play for a wide audience being invited to parties and events. Kr8 Manila, Hypesquad, and Northside Djs had their hand on this as she was under the guidance of Dj Snob & Dj Mick Martinez.

Did I mention that she’s just 15? Crazy, I know. She has already developed a great skillset early on and who knows how great she can be in the future? We know for sure that she has enormous potential and things can only get better from here given that she has the time to put in all the work and improve her craft further.