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by Blog Posting |

Thank you everyone for being with us at the launch of Island City last Saturday @ The Axon, Green Sun, Makati.

We’ve just unveiled the DBTK x Manila Grey collection and we were very happy to have you guys with us during this release. If you’re still eyeing for a piece, then we hate to break it down for you but we sold everything on the day. It was overwhelming but nonetheless fulfilling to have you all excited about this project, so you can expect more from us and the 1z. So when you hear of such an announcement, best believe that we will deliver.

We even got information from the organizers that we did really help fill up the venue. Not to think highly of ourselves, but the DBTK x Manila Grey did give more life to the party, and that’s all because of the love and support we get from you Kids!

It was also the listening party and Mixtape launch of Careless Music Manila so just like the other event goers, we did hope to have their presence at the event – and so we did. The moment they arrived, the people were just in awe seeing them face to face, and so were we.

We were pumped up just like you guys were, and the thing is, we have so much more to come. At this point, we just want to maintain the great energy and continue bringing bangers and pieces that you all can be excited about. Let’s get it!