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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Every day, different people from around the metro have been moving and hustling in their fields. Picking up from different sources of motivation to get in on the grind, most people would turn to music. It’s not hard to see why. Music has been reflecting the culture that most people operate in, and while people appreciate that, they’d just want something to look forward to.

Some people, however, just want to vibe out.

So in ode to the people who work non-stop on the music that the community has been vibin’ to, we’re writing in hopes that more people can see what these guys are up to.

This is MANILA VIBE. In here, we will have a feature of the lineup of today’s brightest artists and we already have a few names listed so let’s get started.


What would happen if you feed yourself dreams for breakfast and make hip-hop your everyday coffee? Chances are, you’ll get pumped-up by listening to Manila-based rising star Astro Kidd! Culture-hopping since he left Dubai for the world, Luke has been grinding ever since he started spitting bars, and is passionate with music. Here are tracks that would show you why he puts the ‘Astro’ in ‘astronomical’.

Go Hard

He really killed the track with straight bars about working hard, and going hard. Props to him for really putting the grind in.

Flick (ft. Ryke)

Flex tracks, you say? Here’s a collaboration between him and 727 Clique’s Ryke. Making everyone know they ain’t stopping ‘til they reach where they want to be.

Skrrt Skrtt

There’s nothing for me to say here, except it’s such a sick track. One of the first few releases that he’s done, you can see how he spits and builds bars from this track.

Skyfall (ft. Dalla, Pzycho Sid)

A pretty stellar track that includes sick bars from Dalla and Pzycho Sid, Astro made sure he had the support of a couple of his best buds to make waves in the music scene.


Basically, there’s nothing basic about this Fil-Canadian rap duo based in Vancouver. Childhood friends Neeko and Soliven have invaded the digital platforms since 2016, and have not relented ever since. Working with azel north as their in-house producer, listen to ‘north banging beats’ as they bridge the east all the way to the west with bangers.


Imagine strolling around the middle of the night and you have this song playing at the background. Yup, it bangs hard. Easy to listen to, and groovy as hell.


Another banger that you’d best not sleep on. Don’t believe me? Listen to it and let me know what you think about that bop.

Youth Water

With Soliven’s smooth vocal progression, azel north’s north banging beats, and Neeko’s prowess in spitting rapid bars like it’s nothing, you get this track. By far, the bounciest vibes in my honest opinion.


This track is all about feels. Bringing back that 80s bop sound, the boys reminisce about a woman in their life. But that’s not the complete imagery that they would want you to see. It’s one of those songs that you’d listen through to know what it’s all about.


The first track where the OG’s flexed their skills flow-wise, vocal-wise and vibe-wise. That’s it. If you don’t bounce on the tracks mentioned above, then I don’t know what’ll make you bounce.


From the bedroom to the internet and, eventually, the world, a project that She’s Only Sixteen drummer King Puentespina started eventually became a movement of innovative music-making, such as producing songs from the comfort of your own home and being creative with the sounds you put together.

Here are beats worth bopping on wherever you are:

Under Blankets (ft. Jess Connelly)

Vibing out and chilling might be what you’re going for, and ‘Under Blankets’ might just be the thing for you. Turn up to Jess Connelly’s cold vocals as CRWN lays down the bed for the music to hit you hard.

Marco Polo (ft. KajO)

With groovy beats and sensual lyrics, along with the soulful sound of KajO’s voice, you’re in for a treat. ‘Marco Polo’ would be a favorite for early fans of the uprising project.

Apartment Sitting

This track from his instrumental EP ‘Tommy Gun’ is a favorite of mine. Smartly constructed, clean guitar tones, simple, and it doesn’t fail to make you feel something no matter how many times you listen to it.

Wait (ft. Jess Connelly)

The opening track for the ‘How We Love’ EP that opened doors for both CRWN and his collaborator, JCon. The vibes on this track is quite indescribable. A track you’d have to hear yourself.

Instead (with BP Valenzuela)

You can’t deny that this was a well-produced, heart-wrenching track that you could listen to whenever you just want to feel stuff.

I hope you’ll get what I’m talking about in this list. Give it a listen. Bounce on it, dance on it, jump up and down on it. Go crazy… or not. I don’t know. You think you have a better list? Go on, share it. Let us know and give us your suggestions. We know there are a lot of great talents out there to discover. Help us get their craft and genius known out in the open, hit us up anytime. We’d love to hear from you guys.

We’re just getting started, and I’m tagging you along. Play your part, let’s hear it.

Written by: Miguel Mosuela

Artwork & layouts by: Brian Villanueva

Concept & Idea from: Josh Tiu