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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Back at it with another feature of Manila Vibe, so here we are with another set of musicians to listen to. Get ready for a unique listening experience and get your playlist updated with these three talented acts. Enjoy!



There are lots of artists showing awesome musicianship by making music in a really unique way, and by the titles of his songs, you already know that it suggests that this guy loves food. Mix both factors and blend in the style that only he can pull of, now that’s Von or better known for his stage name Pure Mind Quiet Heart. If you’re looking to listen to something different, this is your guy.

(click the song titles to listen to their music)

Tyapuseat – Toyomancy – Panaderyuhh – Fiestahan – Champurado Beats



We’ve met this kid back in our 5th year anniversary and Passion Show. When we first heard of his music, we already knew that he brings something new to the table. With smooth beats and catchy rhythm that everyone can easily vibe to, his songs are something you can play to ease and set a calmer mood. If you prefer something cool and chill, here you go fellas.

(click the song titles to listen to their music)

High on You – Stay Away – Fix ya Mood – +639-GREEN-CITY – Mellowfaded (ft. Kid Murky)




This is Clau & Mark, and if you guys don’t know of this duo yet, we’re telling you to check them out now and give their songs a listen. Amazing lyricism and a wicked flow, you’re going to find yourself nodding to his bars packed with thought-provoking ideals and heartfelt lines. Hell, they probably are something more. Think that I might be overestimating them? Go hear for yourself – you’ll know.

(click the song titles to listen to their music)

First Impressions – Wonder – Half-Baked – You – Late Nights