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by Lionel Emil Javier |

After the Manila Grey concert at Black Market, the following day we went to the Nick Automatic XL show – featuring many great bands namely Three Legged Men, St. Wolf, Snakefight, I.P.O.T.S, Sirens, Dymphna, December Avenue, Autotelic, and Urbandub.

Talk about having a jam-packed weekend attending back-to-back shows, this one’s obviously a great example. These both are highly anticipated events that we and everyone else wouldn’t want to miss, and we were too stoked not to attend either of the two. Now we can thank ourselves for adding more treasures to cherish in our own memory chest. If you were game enough and did the same thing, we’re certain that you guys can relate to the feeling.

If you were adequate enough to attend at least one show, then that’s still hooray for you. However, if you missed out on all the shows and shenanigans during that weekend, then it sucks to be you. Kidding aside (or are we), you can always catch other upcoming shows and events that are just as promising.

Scroll through the pictures that we’ve compiled for you guys so you can remind yourselves to live your lives and make every moment count.

Photo by Gerard Ferrer (@gerardferrer14)

Acknowledging Chad Nimor, Carlo Mesina of Dymphna, The No Good Crew, and @nickautomatic for accommodating us and allowing us to cover the event.