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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

They say that teamwork is necessary in order for the dream to work. It is indeed. Apart from this, it is also important to have a positive environment that will help each other grow and be a better version of themselves. This includes receiving feedback on the aspect that needs improvement. And, accepting failures as a reminder to always bounce back and carry on. With the guidance of the founders and cooperation of everyone, everything eventually falls into place. 

Thus, this blog is dedicated to the DBTK team. It is time to finally see and know the people working at the bottom of the iceberg. You may be familiar with some faces but there are also some who work behind the scenes.

“Hierarchy is just a social construct.”

There is no such thing as a high or a low position in the team. Equal respect as humans with dignity, and admiration to how the members of the team handles responsibilities and works, are how the team generates. 

The DBTK team serves as a foundation of the brand along with the two main pillars, Emilkids and Vincekids. Every role that each member holds is vital so that the system of the brand works. It is like playing an RPG where everyone is dependent on each and everyone’s strengths and capabilities. It will be harder to function as a team if one member is missing. Thus, when the team works in unison, nothing is impossible, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to possibilities. 

The team is also one of the reasons for the brand’s successes. They say there is strength in numbers. Which is true because there are many minds working in order to bring new ideas to the vision. And, there are many hands working in order  to bring those ideas to come to life. Whenever there are things that need improvement, the team will safely delegate each and every scenario just to impose solutions. 

This working environment that is susceptible to failures and changes, and thereafter, turn them into a learning experience is what keeps the spark from igniting. It keeps the wheel turning. It keeps the team members growing. And, it keeps the brand alive; and that is why we always have something special to share with the DBTKMOB every time. 

If people see only the tip of the iceberg with each release of the brand, then it is time to shed light to the people who work at the bottom of the iceberg. Here are the list of members that you can trust in the team. If you encounter an issue regarding people claiming that they work for DBTK, you can always go back to this blog to double check.