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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Music is the universal language that brings people together. It is a form of expression that everyone can relate and run to whenever necessary. It is a mood changer that allows you to feel what the music intends you to feel because of the tunes and the lyrics that complement each other. 

And, because you are being moved by a certain music, it becomes influential or important to your life. You live by it. Some even become your fight song, while some catches your attention because of the catchy tune, and you eventually realize the meaning behind it. It does not matter if it is jazz music or just an instrumental music because even beats and sounds contain a meaning that will speak to you. 

Whatever instances you come upon a certain music, it eventually becomes essential to your life. And, these music influences are one of the vital cores that runs in DBTK. 

For Emil Kids and Vince Kids, music was embedded in their core since the beginning. Their music taste spans from local music, hip hop, R&B, rock, jazz, etc. which creates a full spectrum of music.  

But currently, they are more inclined to specific artists and I am going to share some of them to you. 

Have you ever heard of Lenarr Young? Yes, the Youtube star who features songs of Roddy Rich, 21 Savage, etc. to entertain his subscribers. Emil Kids, discovered Lenarr Young, and the music featured in his videos caught Emil Kids’ attention. Here are some of the videos that you should watch and appreciate.



Aside from this, Emil Kids also casually plays some 88 rising and Joji at the headquarters. 

For Vince Kids, the artists that he listens to recently are the performances of Mac Miller and Tyler the Creator in NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. Their performances in the Tiny Desk Concert were very raw and even better than the studio version of their songs. Here are the videos that you can watch and listen to anytime. 

With these chill song recommendations of Vince Kids, he also sometimes blasts some Jackboys album by Travis Scott, Speed Speak by Manila Grey and Experience by Massiah. 

Apart from their recommendations, Emil Kids and Vince Kids also plays some lo-fi music depending on the vibe at the headquarters; all songs of Manila Grey; can also go a little bit hardcore like music from Rage Against the Machine and many more.

So, if you are planning to refresh your playlist, then I suggest that you check out their recommendations when you have time.