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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

It is true that the most powerful aspect of being human is our brain. The mind/brain serves as the primary generator that process our senses, emotions, feelings, etc., which then sends a signal to our body for it to reacts. Imagine how a single thought can make a grave change on our perspective, energy and even our outlook in life.


In this matter, why is having a “mindset” essential to achieving your goals?


It defies the odds even if you lack a certain skill that could be essential to your goals. Your mindset controls which direction you are going just like controlling which way your boat will sail. In order to do that, you maximize at the same time defy the wind and use it as a tool to move forward. Just like in life, your mindset will condition your body (boat) to move where you want it to be and not just merely letting fate dictate your direction.


Start your mindset by thinking that you can do something you want to achieve and be positive about it. Starting your day with a negative thought will only implicate negative output because that is what you have expected from the start.


But, do not be discouraged if something happens that does not go along with your plans. Yes, problems and challenges always arise and all of us can relate. If your mindset from the start goes in the likes of “I can do this” or “I can achieve my goals”, then best believe that you are almost halfway in achieving it. All you have to do with the remaining steps to get there is to actually do it.


As you can see, there is a relation between imagination and action.



Do you still remember the OG story about the race between a tortoise and a hare (large rabbit)? Remember how the hare slept because he was certain that he would win the race? And, remember how the tortoise kept going and conditioned his mind that he always had a chance to win despite the fact that his opponent was way faster than him.


In this example, the tortoise is the perfect representation of a growth mindset. Imagination will get you somewhere ideally but not in reality just like the hare. Yes, he has the ability to finish the race but the hare slacked off and became too complacent. The hare is a representation of a fixed mindset where he believes that his talent is enough to finish the race. What he did not know was that exerting effort was also important when it comes to achieving something.


So, one must partner mindset with action and hard-work, and make room for the possibility of failure. Do not be discouraged if your skill is not at par with the people surrounding you. Charge it as a learning experience and make it a tool to come back stronger.


They say that what you believe is what you attract.


Thus, cultivating a positive mindset is essential and could help you achieve whatever you wish to reach.