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Accessories - A True Essential

by Lex Perry Ignacio |

by: Lex Perry

Accessories are proven to be a reliable companion given that it offers great convenience through a variety of function and purpose that help make our daily lives much easier, which is why we consider them essentials. These days, accessories have become a necessity that serves as a great compliment to our outfit. Well, at times they even complete your look and take your entire getup to a whole new level, making you look more sexy and appealing –  you standout because of it.

Just take Virgil Abloh’s iconic zip tie tags that are usually seen in Off-White shoe collaborations. Aside from the creative and unique changes applied in the silhouette and design of the pairs, it’s one factor or element that stands out and speaks to us, and this is maybe because we don’t usually see that certain type of accessory being used for that specific purpose. It’s different and quite refreshing to say the least. It makes one feel some type of way, may it be good, odd, or bad. It simply became a fashion statement.

I bought this DBTK Sling Bag way back 2017 and it is a great decision na bilhin to kasi until now sa lahat ng stuff ko eto yung pinaka useful and flexible (pwede rin siya maging waist bag) gamitin anywhere, any occasion, school or work, dala dala ko to. For daily hustle, less the hassle.” – CJ GO (@tan.cjgo)

The simple addition of a patch, a wrist watch, a keychain, and/or a gold chain can really elevate your overall look and it’s amazing how even a single small item can leave one somewhat intrigued after seeing such. And other accessories like coin bags, sling bags, fanny packs and key straps on the other hand, help you better carry your load and assist you with storage. As a consequence, it allows you to become more organized.

You can never go wrong with accessories, no matter how and what kind or type they are. There are numerous things you can do with it, just ask our friends. See and know what makes their DBTK accessories essential in their daily life.

This is the first DBTK Accessory na meron ako, my mom actually bought this for me. I've been using this bag anytime and anywhere, sobrang useful kasi and hindi hassle. The design is very minimalistic, it screams DBTK kahit napaka-minimal lang.” – Johann Duran (@jldrnnn)

"Statements can be made dangling around. My tom clutch keychain says hi." – John Lee


The DBTK Rubber Coin Purse is a clever little thing that fits perfectly in the tiny fifth pocket of my jeans and comes with a neat ball chain to tug it out with ease. It snugly holds my spare change wherever my travels take me.” – Jericho Piamonte (@jerichopiamonte)

“This is my first accessory from DBTK. It’s very essential kasi kala ko noong una di magkakasya yung handheld console ko pero napaka swabe dalhin kahit saan. No doubt quality goods talaga.” – V-jay Abiado Kapalungan

So if you’re in search of some awesome and useful accessories, look no further and head straight to you know we got you guys covered 😉