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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Like any other journey or story, there’s never really a specific blueprint or formula that can automatically guarantee one’s accomplishment or success but it sure is interesting to know how these people think, create and operate on a daily basis because we learn and get something useful out of it.

A streetwear brand based overseas but still instills a Filipino trademark within, we get to know a little more about the man behind Mondaysuck.


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Orcino Tan, I’m 23 years old. Currently living in Southern California. I am the Owner & Creative Director for the streetwear label @Mondaysuck.


What it’s like being a Filipino living in the States?

Personally, to me being Filipino living in the States was a fun experience. I didn’t really face any hardships like other Filipino’s only because I was grateful that my dad was in the Navy so that helped a lot. Also, living in San Diego where a lot of Filipino’s lived played a huge part in my understanding of the Filipino Culture. Since we would have Filipino inspired food restaurants, stores and sometimes movie theaters that would play Filipino movies, so it kind of felt like you were in the Philippines if you get what I mean haha.

How do you plan your day and what’s your usual routine?

My Planner/checklist helps a lot. Because, with everything starting to pick up now it’s hard not to get side tracked and want to do something else when the other things are not finished.

My usual routines is trying to wake up before 8 AM to walk my dog to clear my mind haha, once that is done head to my office answer emails, organize shipments of new clothes to their designated areas and once that is done I begin shipping orders.


So you’re the brilliant mind behind MondaySuck. Tell us about the brand and its roots.

Mondaysuck is local clothing brand based out of San Diego, California. Mondaysuck is heavily influenced by streetwear culture and the West Coast Vibe. We as a brand strive on the idea of delivering original and simplistic pieces that belong in your closet.


Where do you source your ideas and inspiration? Who or what has the most extensive influence on your brand?

I source our inspiration/ideas from anywhere. Such as movies, commercials, art, magazines, vintage logos & early 2000 streetwear. Also, from Older folks too, if you really pay attention to them you can really get inspired from their style.

I would say Pharrell, because he’s a person who is insanely creative and he’s not afraid to set outside any boundaries.

Take us through the creation process. How do come up with a certain product and what are the fundamental components you take into consideration?

I usually start by creating a mood board with everything that inspires the team. We then discuss what pieces we want to release such as graphic shirts, cut n sew items, or accessories. Once that is finish we start designing. The main fundamental components we take into consideration is “has this been done before” if it has can we tweak it to make it fit the Mondaysuck style.


What do you aim to achieve with MondaySuck? What is the message or story that the brand tells?

To create a brand that delivers quality pieces at a great price.

The message is in the name, a majority of people complain that “Monday’s Suck” because it’s the day that falls after a fun or relaxing weekend. We wanted Mondaysuck to mean that even though this day sucks there will be other days that will too but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals.


How does MondaySuck differ from other brands? What makes it unique?

At the end of the day with so much brands coming out every minute the market becomes saturated with brands trying to be “unique”.

But with Mondaysuck I believe what makes us different is we create pieces for those individuals that want to try something new. Whether that be our Cropped Trousers with our crazy fabric, or our simple but bold graphic/typography designs on our shirts.


(Photos c/o Orcino Tan & the Mondaysuck page)

What are the challenges and struggles you face as a brand owner?

Challenges/Struggles I face as a brand owner can consist of when and what design you want to create/drop. With so much items you create, you still must play it safe in a way. Because, if you put everything in one product and it doesn’t go so well you are stuck with it until you get rid of it. Also, getting more brand exposure is hard as well, being a smaller brand going against bigger brands you kind of get put in the shadows until you make a great product.


How do you overcome these challenges and keep your creativity flowing?

Sometimes, what works for me is you just need to take a break or go on a mini trip somewhere. Whether that be camping, fishing or walking the beach with your love ones. You just need to get away from everything. It really helps the mind reset and your creativity just flows.


You’ve been operating your brand for years now. Surely, you have your own success stories. Tell us about your best moments.

My best moments were securing my very first store in San Diego. When I first started Mondaysuck my biggest goal was to have the brand be stocked in a store in my hometown. That store is @the.rerun the owner is Filipino too so Salamat Pare for the love.

What do you look for in a partner? How do you associate and work with others?

As a partner someone who is as dedicated to the brand as me, a hard worker, creative and pushes themselves to become successful.

I feel like I work well with others if they respect me and my ideas. For example, I work with my cousin who helps with all the graphics for Mondaysuck and my fiancé helps with social media marketing as well.


What’s the greatest idea or lesson you’ve learned in life?

“Nothing in life is permanent but death”


Can you give some names of some artists and/or celebrities who wear your brand?






What’s next for you and MondaySuck?

Going back to the lab and start designing new capsule and continuing to improve, and hopefully be more successful in the coming months.


What’s the best advice can you give to the local streetwear scene here?

Follow your dreams, create what you like and run with it. Don’t mind “haters” and hate comments use that to fuel your creative mind.


We’re sure that Orcino and the Mondaysuck brand will have a lot more exciting stuff for us to see in the near future. Who knows what project he may take on next? Even if we don’t know that yet, it’s best to stay in the loop and be updated because we know that they’re only going to make it big and different.