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by Lionel Emil Javier |

By: Lex Perry


If you’re from or at least been in the Queen City, you know that it’s only right for us to give more emphasis on how rich and cultivated the street culture in Cebu is – aside from having a 1-day pop up shop and collaboration release with The Good Neighborhood, we were able to give the other shops and sights around the area a visit even if we were only there for about 2 whole days.


Photos taken by: VinceKids


Yes, our stay was only fleeting and brief but it was packed with a lot of fun nonetheless. It was short but sweet and we really appreciated every moment and every second of being there. This trip took some good months of planning so the excitement of finally going there is pretty damn real. So real that I wasn’t able to go sleep the night before our flight. Well, it surely is not the best way to prepare, but it’s nothing a good cup or two of coffee can’t fix.

Once we’ve arrived, we immediately took notice at how orderly and elegant Cebu-Mactan airport is. Reports are true, it’s indeed one of the best plane terminals we have in the country, and if you’ve been there, you’ll concur to what I and everybody else is saying but then again, it’s best if you guys go check and see for yourselves.

So upon being fetched, our first stop was at Yobob Lechon De Cebu. It’s easily a must eat in the Central Visayas region – and just in case you guys don’t know, this is the place to be to satisfy your crispy lechon cravings and we would advice you guys to go for the spicy variant which is filled with herbs and spices that gives the right amount of kick and adds compliment to the overall taste.

Pair it with rice, munggo, and Ipomoea Aquatica or kangkong as well all know it and you’re in for a complete treat. Needless to say, it was a pure delight and the bustle from the early morning flight was dislodged. It’s a meal that will make you feel extra young and most of all; it’s an excellent starter to a jam-packed day ahead.

After that, we headed to our place of accommodation at La Florentina. It’s not the finest one out there, but it’s still a nice play to stay in and enough to make you feel cozy and relaxed, especially at an affordable price. It’s also near a lot of establishments like the Ayala Center and I.T. Park so it provides easy access to food shops and malls.

I felt the weariness and hunger for sleep when we saw our room but I wouldn’t want to miss out on the adventure so it’s a good thing our host, the men behind The Good Neighborhood suggested that we first get some coffee before roaming around. And it’s a good thing that it also happens to be situated near the place we stay in.

Now this coffee place easily became one of our favorite stops. Following our usual office routine, we’d automatically look for something refreshing and tasty to drink after eating lunch and that’s either an energy drink or coffee. The guys we’re with, they know and love their coffee like a fat kid loves cake so we passed on the colored drinks and got some beans instead.

Before getting our drinks, we made a quick visit to the space beside it. Bottega, an art gallery slash grub place serving some sandwiches and wraps, although we weren’t able to give it a taste because we’re still satiated with the lechon , we know that it pairs nicely with the drinks from Linear Coffee.

We first tried the White Cold Brew Coffee over ice and we enjoyed every bit of it. If you like you’re coffee sweet and milky, we’re certain that you’ll love this blend as much as we did. We were instantly hooked and we were looking at each other when Kuya Mil hinted that we get another round. The drinks are addicting I tell you. Brother Nikko arrived just in time for the second batch so we all got fueled up.

He was really pleased with the taste of the white coffee over ice so he got another one like that but I wanted to try something different so I got the Flat White which was suggested by brother Willow. At the first sip, I already sensed the pump (Haha!) it was strong af – well do consider that I’m not much of a coffee person so the feel and taste to me was relatively new.

After finishing that short cup, I felt so alive and lively. Only after having this cup did I agree that coffee really helps fight fatigue and sleep and that’s probably because I never had coffee this good. We were all smiles as we were leaving the place and we were ready for the adventure and tour they had prepared for us.

The first shop we gave a visit was at Strap, a shop that also carries other local goods aside from their own brand like Problem Child, Future Leader Supple Co., and Grocery Worldwide. He also carries some kicks from New Balance and he shared that he’s just new in the sneaker selling game but he has some really good pairs available so you can go grab some of the best runners available over at their shop.

For the next shop, we headed over to Pacific Originals, which is the home of one of Cebu’s pioneer brands Deadways. Now this store really aims to draw one’s attention to detail and it’s really easy to appreciate the refinement and artistry of the space from the inside and out. A slick photo wall, an intricate rack display and even the door handle is custom. How awesome is that right?

This shop also happens to be the host of many thrilling events like Alley cat races and collection releases so obviously, a ton of insanely thrilling and hair-raising stuff happens around this area. If you’re one who’s up and looking for some exciting stuff to do, it’ll be a no-brainer for you to go and join in their festivities.

From there, we’ve decided to proceed to The Good Neighborhood as the sun was about to descend because we still we needed to do some preparations for our release happening the next day. Like we’ve told you guys before, this shop is the place to be for quality goods, they have some cool brands and special accessories from the likes of Halo and Co., Peace Club, Queen City Collective, and a lot more.

Come night time and after fixing everything for the store dress-up, it was again time to eat and for dinner, we headed over at I.T. Park and Sugbu Mercado – a food place filled with a wide variety of food selections. Suitable for those who wants to have a lot of options to choose from as the place caters to many food vendors.

As the day was about to end, and as the exhaustion was starting to settle in, we’ve decided to have the rest of the night at our place of accommodation so we can rest right then and there since we have to be up early in the morning to get ready for the event. Hangout and good conversations over a small and intimate nipa-vibe like area that the front of La Florentina displays.

Once the alarms started ringing the next day, we were ready to pack-up and bid farewell to our temporary abode. Our host, being the hospitable and cordial guy that he is, picked us up with some grub-to-go. Having energy and stoked, we strolled around the stretch of the center because it was the best time for us to roam freely.

Before going to lunch, we made a stop to the barber station and quarters of brother Willow at TUF Barbershop because both Emil & Vince needed a fresh cut. If you guys need a good fade or simply want to get looking dapper and neat, you now know where to go when in Cebu. For your hair and grooming needs, this is where you need to be. You’re in for a complete treat.

For lunch, we went to get some wings! I lost count of how many we had, but safe to say, we consumed enough to keep us filled for the rest of the event. Just a quick stop to the nearby coffee shop to lift our spirits further up and we were ready for prime time. It’s our last day after all and what better way than to end it with a release party!

This definitely is one of the best short trips we’ve had in our lives and it’s all thanks to everyone we were with. Of course, we would like to acknowledge MilkyDre for the lively music, our food partners, New Found Burgers for the super delicious meals and Brgy. Donuts for the sweet and tasty treats.

Before heading back to the airport, we had to drop by the nearby lechon place as our pasalubong at home. While we were on our way there, we can’t help but wish to have at least one more day to stay. Well, there are plenty of next ones so no goodbyes really, but so long and see you again soon. It’s been great Cebu, and this isn’t the last time, rather the start of many more things to come.

If you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it, I promise you that the actual journey and experiencing it first-hand is second to none. What are you waiting for? Book your trip to the Queen City of the South now and create memories of your own!