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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Written & Illustrated by: LDR


Tattoo design

The first and foremost thing to consider, however time-consuming, in getting a tattoo is deciding what design you are rooting for. Making a solid decision is a must so that regrets won’t haunt you. Most of the time, people choose a design that is something very personal and meaningful to them. If you can’t think of any tattoo design yet, you can start by drafting ideas or having a mood board to be able to produce or at least conceptualize a design you’d stick to.


Another important factor is the placement of your tattoo. If you are sensitive to pain, avoid boney areas such as wrists, ankles, feet, and rib cage. While the least painful areas are on your forearm, calves, thighs, and buttocks. It is also important to know that tattoos fade after some time especially when it is always exposed to the sun. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo in an exposed area, always put sunblock to preserve the art on your skin when it is fully healed. While these are just basic information, you can always ask your chosen tattoo artist for opinions and details.

Tattoo Artist / Tattoo Shop

Speaking of tattoo artists or tattoo shops, it is important to find a tattoo artist that you can truly and fully trust. This requires research about the artist’s background, works, and availability. After setting an appointment, present your chosen tattoo design or ideas. Don’t be afraid to communicate and raise your concerns to your tattoo artist.

Budget Your Moolah

When it comes to the pricing, one must remember the saying that a good tattoo isn’t cheap, and a cheap tattoo isn’t always good. You must prepare ample cash or ready the right amount of money depending on the size or design of your tattoo.

Get Fueled!

Getting a tattoo can really drain one’s energy so don’t forget to rest well and eat a good meal before your tattoo session to have enough fuel to withstand the session. Avoid getting drunk and wasted the night before you get inked because it will negatively affect your blood and make you bleed more during the tattoo session.

Keep ‘Em Covered

Keep your tattoo covered for several hour/s. This will prevent your skin from bacterial infection since a fresh tattoo is also an open wound. It will mostly take at least an hour or more to keep the tattoo covered before washing it with mild soap and putting moisturizing cream over it such as Bepanthen or Drapolene cream. However, it will still vary depending on the advice of your tattoo artist and his or her recommendation.

“I Don’t Want No Scab”

Hold your horses and don’t get surprised when your tattoo is scabbing because it is part of the healing process. I know, it looks awful and fugly but make sure to not peel it because the tattoo might not heal properly. Don’t panic, that really happens during the initial stages. Just give it some time and wait for a few weeks to see its final look and always take good care of your tattoo especially during this phase. ­­

Charge to Experience

Don’t forget to have fun and charge it to experience. Every bit of pain, shed of blood and drop of tear will all be worth it after you finally get your tattoo done! Nothing worth having or keeping for life will come easy. After going through all that struggle, you’ll now be able to enjoy your skin bling!

Additional reminders

Price haggling is something you must avoid completely. Your tattoo artist will try his or her best to give you an awesome tattoo and in return, you must respect and support his or her artistry. Try to give the artist a good tip if they deserve it. After all, this is something that you carry for life so don’t forget to give credit where credit is due.