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By: LDR (@lisadelarosa)

What are the usual staples used to make a statement? Some common examples are t-shirts, bracelets, hats, stickers, and many more. Just slap on some good design or meaningful phrases/words and your good to go. But, let’s not forget our phones because let’s admit it, it is already a part of our basic necessities that we always carry and serves as an extension of oneself. We even “armored up” our phones to keep it protected against unforeseen drops and scratches. Although sometimes, it is very tempting to use it bare to appreciate its sleek design. Good thing is, there are many available phone cases that would suit whatever purpose you want the phone case would be (see-thru cases, rugged cases, slim cases, etc.) and would still make a statement.


However, I couldn’t help but think about some of the tech videos I watched over time. Have you ever noticed that most of the people doing tech videos prefer to use their phones as is? No screen protector. No phone case. Just the phone itself.

Case in point, watching some MKBHD videos. If anyone follows MKBHD’s tech videos, you would notice that Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) always likes his phone/s bare, and only sticking some matte skin to avoid fingerprints.

Screenshots from MKBHD video: What's on my tech: 2019!

There are also other instances where some tech videos really dissect  the phone and test its durability like Jerry Rig Everything. Some examples of durability that he performs on the phone are scratch, burn, and bend test.

Screenshot from JerryRigEverything video: iPhone 11 Pro Max Durability Test - Back Glass Scratches?

Screenshot from JerryRigEverything video: Smartphones DURABILITY Awards 2017!

Well, if we are going to understand the purpose of these videos, we could view it using these two factors. First, the purpose of these tech videos is supposedly to provide honest reviews to its audience. And, what better way to test the full potential of a phone physically is by stripping down all the accessories (phone cases and screen protector). In this manner, they can test the phone’s durability, that is if it could withstand scratch and dirt with everyday use.

And second, we can also consider how fast the turnover of phones to persons doing tech videos. Since most of them are sponsored, they tend to have multiple units per kind. It could be different color ways or a separate phone for review and for personal use.

With these being said, in a way, there is an essence of carelessness whether intentional or not, or they are not cautious enough to treat the phone like how we would normally treat it. Why? Besides the fact that it was used for reviews, they could also easily replace it with an extra phone ready on hand.

Nevertheless, everyone has his own reasons for everything. Personally, I am fond of phone cases not just to protect my phone but, also to match my personality and express how I feel. Like I said earlier, it is a nice outlet to make a statement as well. And for most people, phones are being treated as one of the “prized possession” and extension of oneself. So, it better be protected in every angle at all times because it is better safe than sorry 😉