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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Have you ever felt like giving up? Or are you tired of the same routine you’re doing to the point of procrastinating? Trust me, I know the feeling since I’ve been there plenty of times. Sometimes, life can be exhausting especially when you need to juggle responsibilities and academics. But, always keep in mind to keep going because hardwork does pay off in the end.


However, you should also take note that “keep going” does not mean you have to do everything continuously. Do not forget to pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Take a power nap. Cry. Vent out. Meditate. If you do not give yourself some time to rest and recuperate, it will result in you burning out. It will become harder to function when you reach this point. It is like going through a very worst hangover in your life. So, always check yourself out and see to it that you are drinking plenty of water, eating on time, and allotting time to rest. Always, take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. Then, continue the daily grind.


Also, remove the bad habit of cramming everything in a short period of time. I’m assuming that most of us are guilty of this bad habit. However, as much as possible, try to manage your time wisely. Prepare a timetable to track your works and progress. Write your tasks in post it. Mark up your calendar. There are many ways to help boost your productivity and keep track of your works so you can finish it on time without cramming.


And lastly, DON’T GIVE UP! YOU CAN DO THIS! You have come a long way to reach this point and there’s no other way but to keep moving forward, always. But, I cannot stress this enough that it is alright to rest. When you see yourself on the verge of giving up, just think of the relief you will feel once you’re done with the tasks at hand. Just think of your goals and dreams that you want to achieve. Just think of all your inspirations in life. It’s better to do everything that you can than to regret everything in the end. But still, everyone is capable of starting over and rebuilding themselves to get through everything and survive everyday. It may be easier said than done but, always take small steps everyday and the rest will fall into place.