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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

In this pandemic that we are experiencing, lots of things have changed when it comes to our normal routine, like wearing face masks every time we go out, observing social distancing and many more. Indeed, this will be the new normal until the unforeseeable future. But, to ask you a question, what is your quarantine routine ever since this pandemic happened?


For Emil Kids and Vince Kids, work doesn’t stop even during quarantine. They are taking this time to further reflect on what’s next for DBTK and still continue the 20/20 vision for the brand. Along with this, their usual routine of neatly dividing the work to oversee all the operations of the brand remains intact.


Emil Kids is the one handling the business aspect of the brand such as  overseeing transactions and overseeing the system that the DBTK team follows in order for the brand to function. On the other hand, Vince Kids handles the creative aspect of the brand such as overseeing collection design studies and content/socmed postings.


But amidst this work routine, they also have an outlet when they are taking a break from work. Here are some of the things that the Kids do during their freetime.


For Emil Kids, it is safe to say that old habits die hard when it comes to playing video games as it is still his number one outlet in his free time as well as watching others play on Youtube.


“I am a fan of playing video games ever since I was a kid. As much as I enjoy playing, I also enjoy being a spectator which started way back when my father used to play Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot and Red Alert.”


During quarantine, Emil Kids has been playing a game that really struck him, which is Red Dead Redemption 2. He said that even though it was released 2 years ago, he gave it a shot because of the clips he watched on Youtube and because the game was on sale.


Even though he already finished the main story, he started a new game because of the many things that he could do in the game.


“It’s that enjoyable to play and the game looks awesome, combined with great storyline. I would say that RDR2 is on my top 3 list of my most favorite games so far, along with RDR3 and The Witcher.”



For Vince Kids, one of his outlets is playing mobile games (specifically, 8 Ball Pool) as it is the most accessible for him and checking social medias.


“From time to time, I also post something related to DBTK such as reposting tagged photos on IG or posting products.”


He also takes his free time to research and plan for future projects of DBTK and think of ways on how DBTK can interact with the Kids amidst the pandemic happening. In addition, he also joined FB groups that harbors collectors of art toys.


“Ever since the quarantine started, I appreciated collecting art toys more since it is an added inspiration for me especially now that we’re stuck at home to work.”


He also squeezed in a 20 to 30-minute workout that he got from a Youtube page “HASFIT” whenever he gets ample free time. He also likes listening to LOFI music (Chilled Cow) because it’s relaxing, as well as resulting back to Soundcloud to listen to SHANE and SHNTI. In addtion, he also listens to Majestic Casual, Changes (Justine Bieber), The Scotts (Travis and Kid Cudi) and old cover videos of Alisson Shore. Aside from these, he also likes listening to podcasts.


For the Kids, it is still important to have a breather after a long day at work. And, these are their go-to outlets whenever they get their free time.


How about you, Kids? What are your go to outlets during your freetime?