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by Lisa Dela Rosa |



1: a visionary creation of the imagination

2: a strongly desired goal or purpose


Dreams are what makes a person imagine something that could happen. When we were still kids, we dream of being a superhero, having a pet dragon or anything a kid’s mind could imagine. Yes, it is given that these dreams as a kid were somewhat superficial.


However, when we grew up, these dreams were simplified into something ideal based on our reality. As the saying goes, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Some of us dream to be successful in life, dream of being a lawyer, dream of having a big house, etc.


But, if you want to make your dreams turn into reality, you must first wake up in your deep slumber.


Dreams could be very tricky as it shows you all the best possible things whether you are dreaming in your sleep or simply daydreaming. But, as soon as you snap back to reality, you will soon realize that you have to work for it.


Now, that eliminates the possibility of your dreams from happening based on how bad you want it to happen.

Your dreams only show you one side of the coin. The other side of that same coin consists of the hardships and struggles that you will be facing to achieve your dreams. These struggles will definitely test your limits and will often ask you a question if you want to give up one of your dreams. It will make you think if this dream is still worth taking.


When you reach that breaking point, doubt and negative thoughts will start to creep in your mind and it will tell you that giving up is the easy way out. Some think of this option the minute they encounter these hardships but, some continue.


If you do not know which way to go, ask yourself if it is worth the pain and why did you start in the first place. If it helps, try to remember that you can always choose to take a break. Breathe. Take a step back and assess carefully what your next move will be. Always keep in mind that these hardships are not permanent. You just have to brave the storm a little longer and move past it.


Truly, it is easier said than done but, we must do whatever we can to make these dreams come true.


We must keep our dreams take flight. But, before that happens, we must learn how to spread our wings, take action and soar higher.