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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This may be true at some point but, there is still a grave impact to the brand.


First of all, a brand takes years to build up its core values, establish the brand name and filter most trusted persons for the brand to work. Second, it takes years to build a community that shares the same vision as the brand and respects its hustle.


Now, the graveness of the impact of imitations targets the blood, sweat and tears that a certain brand has gone through in order to establish the things I mentioned earlier. Those who make imitations clearly jump on board just to use the brand name to gain profit. What’s lacking in these imitations are the story behind every product, the process and planning to come up with designs and the quality that it gives.

One of the priorities of DBTK is to be a positive voice and message to all the Kids through the products it releases and it prioritizes that premium feel. Ever since Emil Kids and Vince Kids started the brand, they always see to it that there will always be tags on their products. The number and placement of the tags varies especially on the tees. You can always find at least 1-3 tags placed on the tees. 

When it comes to the designs and silhouette of every product, it undergoes a meticulous planning and trial & error to achieve the desired outcome. They never release a half baked product for the sake of just releasing something. And, DBTK always gives the Kids a heads up of what the collections that will be release on their social media accounts.

Trust our stockists if you’re new in buying DBTK goods.

Aside from buying on our DBTK Flagship Store (38 - A Shorthorn Street Project 8, Quezon City) and online store (, we also have stockists where you can buy some goods near you. (click here to check the locations)

Of course, this brand will never be able to showcase its potential and push to its limits if it weren’t for the DBTKMOB who remains loyal to the brand. And for that, DBTK is forever grateful and will continue to provide quality goods with inspiring stories to get the Kids going in their everyday life.