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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

“Fillin’ the needs is our form of showing good manners.”


DBTK x The Nines collaboration is set to release on July 01, 2020, featuring two shirt designs which are ‘Good Manners’ and ‘Double-edged’.


There are still 2 more days of sleep left before the release, so while waiting, let’s get to know more about DBTK’s partnership with The Nines.


Stating the obvious, this is the first time that DBTK will be collaborating with The Nines. However, the partnership happened way before this collaboration. The Nines was DBTK’s distributor of Rastaclat back when DBTK became a stockist of Rastaclat.


Now that the time is right, we finally get a collaboration between the two brands.



To give a little background of The Nines, it is a concept store that came into existence about 5 years ago. They mainly carry international brands that are not easily accessible here in the Philippines like The Hundreds, Ben Davis, RIPNDIP, and many more.


“[The Nines] was born from an idea to bridge the gap from what people were seeing online but wasn’t readily available in the market mainly because of old heads in business who didn’t have a pulse on culture any more and were diluting brand images.”



As what Tom Ford says, “dressing well is a form of good manners”.


This is indeed true as how you dress is what represents you to the world. It also raises self-confidence and an outlet to express yourself to perfection.


The Nines caters clothing that will help the customers set their own trends locally and not just by conforming to what is relevant today. They understand that the customers want something that are classic timeless pieces.


This kind of outlook is similar to DBTK’s ‘Setting Standards’ which the brand opts to be a pioneer of street wear culture here in the Philippines.



When it comes to curating brands to carry in their store, they find the balance between social listening and using their own gut feel.


“We aren’t afraid to go against the grain and select brands that have never been in the Philippines before.”


DBTK x The Nines will be releasing on Wednesday, July 01, 2020.