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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Over the years, some of us were able to build different circles of friends based on shared interests of hobbies, school subject, beliefs, sports, etc. Through this, we encountered different types of personalities and attitudes and learned how to adjust and cope with them.


In these different circles of friends, you will learn who shares the same vibe as you, can put up with the real you, and can be truly honest to you.


As we grow further into adulthood, these circles of friends become more refined, but could still leave you acquainted with the others. Sometimes, reality bites hard and could cause a fall out from your circle. This goes to show that sometimes, having bigger circle of friends is not always the end game, but instead, keeping the real ones is.


When you start to venture in your career in life, some will eventually show their true colors. Some will show hatred and exhibit crab mentality whenever you are winning in life. While, some support you when your career is smooth sailing and leave you the moment you face a storm.


But, the real ones will stick with you whatever the weather you face.


They are the ones where you can be vulnerable with and vent out when you feel that everything is too much. They are the ones who will truly support you and help you bring out your full potential. They will never stab you in the back and be upfront and frank whenever you did something wrong. They will give you an honest feedback and unfiltered advice whenever you need one to have a piece of mind about something. They are also the cornerstones to keep you sane especially when times get rough.


Having this kind of friendship should be a nurturing one and help each other grow to become the best version of yourselves.


It does not matter if you are pursuing a different path as them because what matters most is understanding what makes them happy and still be there for them. It does not matter if you do not see each other every day because you will break barriers just to close that distance just to catch up and communicate.