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by Lionel Emil Javier |

by: EmilKids



Each one of us has a dream that we want to fulfill. Some know how they could possibly accomplish their dream. Others, including us need to do a lot of mind-juggling to arrive at the proper chemistry to create the possibility of accomplishing that dream.

Starting out, we had no connections, no experience, and no knowledge about this industry.  What we hadwas a dream, an enthusiasm and our story. Vince and I talked nonstop on what we want our brand to look like, how good it will feel if people actually wear our clothes, how people would support the movement that we can later build over time and so on and so forth. Believe me when I say this but your positive attitude will bring you closer to the impossible; a place where you thought was non-existent. It’s all a matter of perspective; one dream at a time.

A lot has already happened six years since we made DBTK, and we still know that there’s still a long way to go, or maybe the road is never-ending for us (that’s what I want it to be). But just recently, we witnessed another dream that came true; a milestone that will forever be stuck in our minds and hearts; together with the DBTKMOB.    

I can still recall the time when Vince and I were talking about the story of The Hundreds wherein Bobby and Ben along with their team and supporters were surprised that Jay-Z was wearing their Safety Pin hoodie in one of his concert tours and how good they felt about it. Though what they experienced is a bit similar from what we justexperienced, it’s still different from our point of view.  What they experienced was similar and different at the same time.

KHALID. KEEP OUT OF SIGHT. If there is one thing that motivates a brand more than anything else is to know that your merchandise is much appreciated to a point that it is proudly represented on a stage seen by a frenzied fan base. That is what the main man Khalid did when he held his concert here in the Philippines, at the Smart Araneta venue where his fans enjoyed the package of entertainment that only he can provide. There is an ironic twist in what he wore. It’s the DBTK Mob design that quotes ‘Keep Out of Sight’ but it is plainly in sight of everybody. It did not steal the limelight from his expressive voice but boy it did enhance the visual image of the man.

One dream that deserves another surely has been realized that night, at least for me and my DBTK family. There is no end to finding satisfaction for the fruits of hard work and teamwork because both will not cease. The dream continues for DBTK.

Good things don’t happen overnight.