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by Lionel Emil Javier |

by m.


I am in love with stickers.

It all started when I dreamed of having a laptop. Actually, to be more accurate, before I even started of thinking practical things to do with a laptop, I was concerned in getting one to slap stickers on.

C’mon, stop looking at me like that. I can’t be the only one.

And the gateway to this affair? It’s the first sticker pack DBTK has ever released.

To be honest, it was pretty sick to have a sticker pack I could call mine. So ever since, I started collecting them.

I don’t know why a crazy idea like “When I get my own laptop, I’m going to pellet it with stickers” stuck with me, especially when I’ve done it long ago and still doing it.

So, for curiosity’s sake, I wondered: why am I so attached with the idea of stickers? What makes it so culturally cool? And what do stickers really represent?

I can’t be the only one who’s curious. More so, I can’t be the only consumed with stickers and their inherent pristine (or chaotic) aesthetics.

I’m a hungry man looking for answers, and I’m not going to stop until I get them.

And so the run for data and important pieces of facts start in the common ground of people with all sorts of agendas: Google.

And boy, when one knocks on a door, it opens. And when it opens, you would not believe the answers you would get.

There’s a rich mystery behind the origins of where the concept of a sticker comes from (was it from the Industrial Age? Did they discover it on accident? Did Ancient Egypt beat us to it?), and it’s fascinating. I got an idea of what a sticker represents – and, unexpectedly – how it speaks.

So let me run it down for you why it would… and how you’re tuning in to what it says.

It’s simple: stickers are vocal visual representations of what you stand for.

Whether you have something important to say and you want to represent it very creatively, or you just want to mess around by slapping ridiculous designs telling even more ludicrous messages, stickers will say something about you even before you open your mouth.

To put it short, it represents us… or at least a part of it. Stickers thrive from our identity and puts out something of you.

You know what else thrives off of our identity?


Honestly, when I think about it, it makes sense how stickers made its way to our culture: in a time where anything – and everything – could be said and represented, it’s not so hard to wonder.

There are so many things that our people want to say that they use what’s in their hands to say beyond what their mouths cannot…

So they choose a vessel in which it could do just that.

Upon the research of this, I think I’ve found a fundamental understanding as why sticker culture sticks around. And just when I’ve understood what it represents, I’ve understood why DBTK keeps on reproducing stickers pack after pack: it’s because that they want to share the very same vision that empowered them to move forward to the people who are into things like this.

Even without asking my bosses or co-workers in the very intimate space that we have, I’ve understood.

And I want you to understand, too.

So think of that every time you buy a sticker pack! You’re sold a colorful set of things you can stick, charged with a vision that represents you and all that you put out there.

This is an encouragement to do your thing with confidence and determination! Scream with the culture and be a kid. Don’t worry so much, though: you best believe we’ll stick around for you.