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by Lionel Emil Javier |

by: Lex Perry



Peer though the line of her artworks and it would be hard for you not to take notice of her style and identity. However you find it, or in whichever way it brings appeal to you – one thing is for sure; her art will make you feel some type of way… just like how it does naturally.

Donning a strong use and play on the mix of unorthodox color combinations, the Japanese Shoujo Manga girls illustrated by artist Neon Splitz are more than just girls with a voluptuous body that are dressed fashionably. Having her hand in the corporate field mainly handling operations and marketing, Bea also works as a manager during the day.

Juggling her time being in the office, meeting with people, and working on her art – it’s pretty amazing how an individual like her can manage taking on these challenges because let’s face it, let alone having to do one thing over the other can already be a tough task to accomplish, so being able to handle both should mean that you’re doing things right, especially if you’re getting something meaningful out of it.

Well, as she tells us, this is why it is but necessary to understand personality and overall character of a certain something or someone beyond its mere looks and appearance because it is then that we can be able to appreciate the beauty of what we see and do better. That we relate and properly perceive the message being told further than what we see in plain sight.

That giving acknowledgement to what you’re able to do, knowing how you want to tell your message or story, and keeping in mind that it wouldn’t take much to execute and try, then all the things you do shall eventually prove itself to be worthwhile of being done, because after all, it gives off results.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about what your background and what you do.

Hey guys! What’s up? I’m Bea Araneta or better known as Neonsplitz from Tarlac city the melting pot of the North. I work as an Operations Manager by day and Illustrator by night.

How did you start making art? Why do you make Art?

Art is the very core of my life so I started really young. As young as I can remember…maybe around kinder garden when I started working on color pencils. From then on it just flowed naturally. I made art in school, work and even on my spare time. Even if I went to business school, the idea of making art was just there. I would decorate my powerpoint presentations and excel sheets. It’s like I won’t be satisfied and happy in a day if I won’t be illustrating.


What’s Integral to the work of an artist?

Some people may find it cliche but the idea of telling a story through your art is very important. Images and colors will never be complete without a message. So I think every artist should know that while you illustrate, you try to convey a message to the audience on what your art really represents. My illustrations show a lot of women, and every woman I draw represents something or tells a story that I hope the audience can relate to.

What Role does an artist have in Society?

I’ve always had this idea that artists should add color to life. Meaning like good and positive energy through our illustrations and colors. So sometimes I have this fear that if we don’t have any art, our life would be boring. In other words, think of an excel sheet without color….dang it would be so boring. So be thankful for being an artist everyday, you might not know that your illustration, doodle, graphic design or any kind of art made someone smile. That would be awesome.

What’s a day in the life of Neon Splitz?

It’s very boring! Haha kidding! Rather it’s jam packed and exciting! I work in the corporate office with the usual time slot and I meet a lot of people because I handle operations and marketing. Then after I go straight home to work on my art. Sometimes I start out by watching videos online or check my instagram for awesome inspirations. After that I just grab my kawaii pencil and draw away which usually ends around 11:30 PM or later when commission work are required. I changed my lifestyle recently because of my health scare but everythings good!

Which area of your artwork is best emphasized and most important. Why?

A lot of people would say the voluptuous body but no its the eyes! Hahaha! It’s always about the eyes because thats where my girls say a lot about herself. The eye direction, make up color, way the lashes where inked, define the personality of my character. These eyes are where my story starts so I always make sure they’re emphasized well.

How do you personally relate or connect to your art?

I definitely connect to my art starting with how the company sales go, kidding! My art usually reflects my interest in fashion. So if I’m into streetwear, most of my illustrations will have this certain pose that you see on street wear ads. If my favorite fashion item will be this corporate chic look, then my illustrations change for a month. Basically my interest in fashion reflects my art heavily because as the saying goes, if you can’t have it just draw it.

How has your practice changed over time?

Years before I used to draw like what Japanese manga artists do in youtube but right now since I’m juggling two jobs I need to produce my art faster. I’ve learned that doing warm up sketches before doing the actual commissions are way more efficacious. Furthermore, I still draw with traditional tools and color with Photoshop but I’ve changed my inking style. Pen inks where my favorite a few years back but right now I stick to pen nibs and inks. The precision is way better and the artwork comes out more naturally. However my best practice, as you would call it in the corporate world, is to finish two artworks at the same time so that when I get bored on the first one, I jump to the second one and vice versa. This allows me to work on both artworks with the same interest and creative flow. Try it! 

What’s the most important tool as an artist?

This is a very interesting question that I don’t usually see in interviews. I think it would be the idea itself. If you have a pen and paper, then what? Constantly fuel yourself with ideas and experiences that might give birth to awesome illustrations. Go out, meet people, communicate online, strike a conversation and don’t be scared to try new things in order to have new ideas for your art.

Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most & Why?

This is an interesting question and I’ve been drawing for years already and what makes me happiest in drawing is crafting the artwork itself. Drawing a character can be so fun because you try to bring out her personality with her fashion, hairstyle, make up and so on. It doesn’t just stop with a sketch, I research fashion, mannerisms, read magazines and books just to create this artwork to complete a story so that’s why I’ve been drawing for years but I never get bored with it.

What has been a Seminal experience? Tell us about your latest projects.

A year ago I’ve had the pleasure of working with my dream brand, The Hundreds. I’ve been doing all kinds of illustrations to get their attention and surprisingly my interest in business got me connected. I was drawing while listening to Bobby Hundred’s 10 Rules of Brand Building interview and that got me inspired to write notes beside the artwork. I tagged him and things just went with the flow and I got to visit their HQ in Fairfax LA. The whole experience was really magical for me being a fan of the brand since 2010. Their positive vibe, office design, vision and stories where all fuel to my art. Next thing I knew I was drawing in the plane back home non stop.

But before the whole visit, I got to design two shirts for The Hundreds, Goth and Gold. They are awesome illustrations in three colors each available in the Winter 2018 collection. They asked me to represent a certain image and translated it into my own style which I hope everyone can enjoy when they buy! So you guys better buy!

What has been your best experience as an artist and why?

Best day in my life is when I sold my very first art print in an event. I will never forget the experience of sharing your art and inspiring another human being with your passion. You think people will never see your effort and hard work in an illustration but communicating and sharing about it is something magical for me. It sounds cheezy and so corporate-ish, like something from a sales person who sold their first car to a customer but believe me, putting out your effort and seeing other people respond to your passion saves the day and adds a smile.

What’s next? Anything we should be looking out for?

There’s always room for ideas and what’s next for Neonsplitz is we’re releasing new merchandise in make up! Pouches, mirrors, brushes and anything for the gals! So watch out this coming 2019 because we’re definitely going to surprise you with neon colors and hype!