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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

In our life existence, there will definitely be points in time where we come across some life lessons that make a huge impact to us. And we would like to share to you Kids some of the biggest life lessons that we’ve learned so far.




This may be a run-down lesson since you often hear this, but it is definitely one of the OG lessons that is applicable in all aspects of our daily lives.


It is a reminder that our time will come if we wait and work hard for it. The word “wait” means to trust the process just like how you’re waiting for some fruit to ripen. Through this process of ripening, you have to work in order to reach this goal. You have to water it, make sure pests won’t interfere and nurture it properly.


Same thing goes in our lives. We first start as “seeds”, rookie, novice, apprentice and the like. We need to face different stages before reaching our prime stage. We must all trust the process and constantly remind ourselves that slow progress is still progress.


This will also gauge how bad you want things to happen. Some will abandon their journey halfway, while some will push through no matter how steep the journey goes. It all depends if it’s worth your blood, sweat and tears.




We often encounter people say “you should do this” or “you should do that” to be successful in life. But what works for them doesn’t mean it will also work for you.


As mentioned earlier, all of us have different phases/processes when it comes to executing things. This means that we need to find our own rhythm that will best work for us. Yes, we can listen or take notes of someone else’s success story and get inspiration from them. Take what’s necessary. Apply what works until we come up with our very own formula.





They say nothing worth having comes easy. If you don’t know by now, all of us will face failure at some point. And as harsh as it may seem, failure is the best teacher that we don’t ask but need. It teaches us to remain grounded no matter what achievements we did in the past. It teaches us what needs to be done the second time we encounter challenges.


Take for example in playing Super Mario game. There will be obstacles that are hard to pass through, so we end up repeating the same level. But once we know the trick or know what to do, it will be easier to clear the level.


Same goes in real life, there will be times when we need to pass through obstacles, fail, then begin again. But the moment we start again, we already have the advantage since we know what to do the next time we encounter the same obstacle.



So, what we wish to all the Kids out there is GODSPEED on your journeys and may you find success no matter how big or small it may be. Hopefully, these lessons will somehow help you along the way.