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GOMO x DBTK - Charge Forward

by Lisa Dela Rosa |

DBTK has always been a brand that encourages the Kids to fulfill their vision one step at a time. This is where the mantra “dream big, start small” comes in. It is a reminder that we are all allowed to dream over the top, but we must take actions and achieve them little by little.


There is no such thing as taking shortcuts and nobody said that the process will be easy. What matters most in life is we don’t stop and keep moving forward.

With this in mind, we partnered with GOMO PH, a new game changing telecommunication brand that shares the same outlook as DBTK in empowering the youth.


This collaboration produced the “Charge Forward” collection that highlights the importance of being passionate and boldly charging ahead in pursuit of what we love.


The collection features 3 designs that hold a special message embedded in each shirt.



All the Kids have their respective dreams they want to achieve. Just take things one step at a time, empower your peers and keep charging forward.


Let people talk the talk. Don’t mind them and set your eyes and charge to what’s important. Just like a predator setting his eyes on his prey.


It is a reminder to never look back and keep pushing forward. Set your eyes straight on the road and fulfill your vision. Don’t mind the speed bumps and focus on your progress.


The Charge Forward collection will be dropping on January 30, 2021 at DBTK Satellite Store and (10am).


"Breaking barriers, chasing dreams, always charging forward."