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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

From humble beginnings, to achieving more as time goes on, both DBTK and Autobot share the same road of driving with passion and dedication on what they do.


Not only are they neighboring shops in Project 8, but also, the relationship between their respective owners has been established ever since. And now that the opportunity came up for a collaboration, it is with great honor to share this to the Kids.



Autobot Autoworks began as a personal car wash / car park in 2007. It slowly transitioned into an auto shop that modifies sedans and super cars. This goes to prove that there is no limit if you have the drive to improve and take a step forward from where you are now.


Did you have an interest in cars and modification of its parts ever since? If yes, how did this passion for cars started?


“I was always interested and curious in modifying vehicles ever since I was a kid. I remember how excited I was when we had my first car. It was a Honda Accord. But even before the car, I was already upgrading my scooter” says Randy Lao, one of the owners of Autobot.


In any aspect of what we do, we always hear that function must go first before aesthetics. But for the work ethic of Autobot, function and aesthetic must go hand in hand.


This is one of their specialties when it comes to modifying cars. They see to it that everything they put or recommend will not only serve its purpose, but  will also match the aesthetic of what the customer is aiming for.


For us, it is an honor to have a partnership with the owners of Autobot since both share the same passion for cars. Can you share us your thoughts in making this collaboration come to life?


“We feel the same also. Looking at where you guys started and where you are now is such a good reminder for us where we once were. It is great to be working with people in whom we share the same motivations and push in achieving one’s goals.” – Randy Lao


Did you have any insights while making this collaboration?


“I admire those kinds of people who work hard in achieving their dreams but always remain grounded in-spite what they already achieved. I respect those people who never stop creating something new in order to adapt and evolve. Seeing that you guys are very passionate and dedicated in what you do, I never hesitated about this collaboration.” – Randy Lao



Lastly, here is a friendly reminder from Autobot that is addressed to all the Kids who would want to transform their cars:

“Don’t rush. Make sure to plan and think about you want for it to look like. The feel and pride it will give you. Always seek professional advices. Never ever trade the quality of a genuine part and the quality of a high service than going to its cheap counterparts. Trust us when we say it will save you more the money and will guarantee your safety.”



DBTK x Autobot collaboration pieces will be dropping on January 20, Wednesday at:


⚙️ Autobot Autoworks Off-Road - 65 Road 20, Project 8, Quezon City (10-min. walk from DBTK Flagship Store)


🌐 (10am) - orders will be canceled if not paid within 24 hrs.


*5 pcs. per customer only