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DBTK | Lynyrd – Puting Anino

by Lisa Dela Rosa |

When opportunity presents itself and the growth of the brand is on the line, it is hard not to grab the chance and create something that will push the boundary further from what has been established.


As a result, during the production of APOY (first collaboration), not only did DBTK and Lynyrd Paras create something unique, but also, a bond was formed,  making everything click. This bridges the possibility of making a second collaboration, which is Puting Anino.


“Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam nung APOY, isa sa mga nagawa kong art project na nagbigay sakin ng iba pang idea na pwede ko gawin sa art ko.


Para sakin yung nagpush para maulit yung collab yung pakiramdam mismo e.

Laking tulong din yung samahan na nabuo namin, sobrang gaan lahat. naiinspire namin bawat isa sa mga aspeto ng buhay namin.” – Lynyrd Paras


(Creating APOY was one of the best feelings since this art project gave me new ideas to expand on the things that I could do with my art.


This feeling is what triggered me to push through a second collaboration. The relationship that we have built since the first collaboration and the comfortable feeling also played a big factor. To add to these, we were able to inspire each other in every aspect of our lives.)


Unveiling the meaning of the title of the collection, “Puting Anino


“Lahat ng part ng 2nd collab nag start yan sa dilim ng buhay. Pagnaglalakad ka sa mundong madilim hindi mo alam san ka pupunta, walang direction kase walang liwanag. Simulan mo sa sarili mo, tumingin ka sa loob may liwanag dun hanapin mo. Maglakad ka ulit, Dilat mo mata mo sa dilim sundan mo yung puting anino, ikaw din yun.” – Lynyrd Paras


(All of the designs in the second collaboration were inspired by the darkness in our lives. When you are walking in a world filled with darkness, you are being blind sighted and do not know which direction you are taking because of the absence of light. That’s why you should start looking deep within you and find the light. Then, start to walk again, open your eyes in the dark, follow the white shadow that is you.)


The process of building a concept until reaching a final direction for the collection is based on the happenings in our lives, says Lynyrd.


“Yung buong proseso nakabase lang lahat yan sa mga pangyayari sa buhay nating lahat. Yung buong concept ng collection umiikot sa kung papano mo pagsasamahin yung dilim at liwanag sa isang lugar.” – Lynyrd Paras


(The whole process is all based on the happenings in our lives. It revolves around how you will put the dark and the light together in one place.)

To elaborate more, Lynyrd shared that the designs consist of positive and negative aspects that embody a person. It is about choosing between being engulfed by the darkness that flows within you, or doing your best to step into the light. It is also about finding the right balance of not being eaten by darkness, and at the same time not being overwhelmed by the light.

DBTK | Lynyrd - Puting Anino collection will be available on January 09 at DBTK Satellite Store and 👁‍🗨