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Meaning Behind "Reverse Workshop"

by Lisa Dela Rosa |

The Reverse Workshop was originally part of the quick strike release for DBTK. However, as the puzzle pieces were being connected, and the curation was in its exemplary state, it was hard not to turn the concept into a collection. Thus, the Reverse Workshop was assembled for the Fall/Winter 2020 collection.


The meaning behind Reverse Workshop

If you have been following DBTK in the past years, you will notice that the brand started by producing minimal and simple design apparels. But, as it progressed, the brand ventured in colorful and heavy graphic designs, which were apparent in the past collections.

Now, the concept of “back to basics”, or moving backwards, is what the word “Reverse” implicates. This collection is more of a cleansing before the year 2020 ends, and this is the first time that DBTK created a collection with single color prints and focusing only on 4 to 5 major colors of fabrics.  


With this, it is easier to mix and match the collection pieces, which also means it is easier to style, and at the same time pleasing to the eyes, no matter what you partner the pieces with.

The term “Workshop” means creating something, or assembling something, in a room. More specifically, this collection is a workshop for producing something amidst the pandemic.


Also, during this workshop, there were also learnings and adjustments in assembling the collection. In the consumer’s point of view, it is given that they will see this collection as simple, minimal or basic.


But, for the creative team, creating something simple also has implications, since less graphics means compromising on what the placing of the design works best. And, it is also challenging to work with minimal designs since DBTK wants the consumers to get the meaning behind each design.

Break from Status Quo


As a result, the simplest collection, aka Reverse Workshop, was created to break the status quo of what the brand was accustomed to do. Also, this serves as a detoxification and an interpretation of what “less is more” means for the brand.


But, this does not mean that DBTK will permanently stray away from heavy graphics and the like. Just treat this collection as a pause or breather from the past collections so that you can see the upcoming collections with a fresh set of eyes.


As always, better stay tuned on what’s to come, since the year 2021 will be filled with growth and improvement to better fill the needs of the Kids.