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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

A lot has happened in the past years and we are all having a fair share of troubles and challenges in life. But, amidst these hurdles, we must always try and do what we do best, to “keep moving forward”.


No matter how trivial the problems we are facing, we keep moving forward.

No matter how things go sour, or no matter how our plans are not going according to plan, we must still keep moving forward.

And, no matter what life throws at us and knocks us down, we must get back on our feet and always keep pushing forward.


With this, we learn to adapt, survive, see things in different perspectives and charge to experience. Because most of the time, these lessons cannot be found in books or cannot be taught, unless we experience it firsthand. In this way, we learn to be strong not just for ourselves, but for others as well.

Truly, this kind of encouragement is easier said than done and we can only do so much. That’s why it is important to keep moving forward patiently. And sometimes, the things we lost cannot be established in one day. In life, everything is a process, and everything takes time. We just need to take a step after the other and it might take us by surprise on how far we’ve moved past the hurdle.


After all, starting from the beginning is always the hardest and painful since it seems that all the efforts that we’ve made has been scrapped. And, taking loses is really hard especially if we put all our might just to make a progress.


But what’s more painful is being stagnant and staying at the same place where we left off just because of setbacks.


So, just keep moving forward. An inch forward? A meter forward? It does not matter. What matters most is the initiative to move past a setback and begin again.


If we think about it, we can only look back with our memories, but we cannot change the past. What’s done, is done. The thing that we can only do is to take action and create a new path for ourselves and for others as well.